Bar code printers, label print how to set up _ print equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-07-12
How to set up the barcode printers and label, print out the eligible according to the requirement of label, is each using barcode printers, users often have to face. In general, users page setup, but print often will find that with the increase of the number of print, crown rui electronics to show you how to setup: 1: enter the control panel, choose to set up the printer; 2: to print new label size page; 3: set up the printing speed, print temperature, can be set according to the practical situation of print for many times, and will be subject to think that the best quality; 4: set the print mode, if it is printed is thermal paper for thermal printing way, the rest for thermal transfer, the paper generally divided into three types: there are spacing of label paper, continuous paper, marked the label ( The bottom of the label paper with black line) , label the hypothesis of this paper is coated paper, paper type selection for labels with spacing, distance hypothesis is 3 mm ( May also be a 2 mm) , after printing operation & quot; Torn off & quot; So that after the printing, the last sheet of paper will automatically go to the position of tearing, easy to tear the paper.
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