How to check the usage of paper printer? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-07
Years later, as the food and beverage, retail, logistics and other industries printing services increased demand, market demand will be gradually recovering. With growing industries in the domestic market demand, will have a great positive impact on the market this year, especially for the label printer has more market competitiveness. Paper printer as different from common office laser printer, in fact, has been widely used in many occasions, so how do you check the usage of paper printer? Check whether the current label printer is set to suspend print. Method is to use the printer window, right-click the printer icon in the drop-down menu to check whether there is a small hook, suspend print on if selected, please cancel option. Check whether the label printer has been set as the default printer. Click start/set/printer, check the current use of the printer icon on whether there is a small black hook, and then set the printer as the default printer. If the printer window does not use the printer, click add print icon and then according to the prompt to install. Check whether the label printer in the online state. On most printer button next to have a instructions online lamp, under normal circumstances the online lamp should be in a normally on state. If the light is not bright or in a blink state, then online is not normal, check the printer power on, the printer power switch is on, the printer cable is properly connected, etc. If online indicator light is normal, turn off the printer, and then opened, the test page prints out look is normal. Check whether the paper printer driver is appropriate and the print configuration is correct, auspicious fine material in the printer properties window TAB, check the following content: in the printer to the following port selection box, check the printer port Settings are correct, the most commonly used for LPT1 port ( The printer port) , but some printer but requires the use of other port; If you can't print large files, should review the all the timeout value of timeouts columns, this option is only effective for directly connected to the computer printer, using the network printer is invalid.
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