How to choose and buy barcode printers _ equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-06-07
Many users have told me to buy a printer, then asked if they want to buy what kind of say. Before buying a printer, you must first clear the purpose of the purchase. Bar code printer on the market can be divided into thermal and thermal transfer, and resolution of 203 dpi and 300 dpi. Below on jia bo's bar code printers, for example, according to the printing consumables and perform a decision model 1. If you perform is not big, and consumables are ordinary thermal label paper, so it is recommended that you purchase of the GP - The 3120 series printers, outstanding cost performance is the characteristic of this series of printer. 2. Regular printer paper with smaller capacity, capacity and carbon if perform a large, and have different materials, so it is recommended that you buy good bo GP - And GP - 9035 series Or GP - 1125 series 9026 series printers, industrial design, can accommodate a large length of paper roll, and a large carbon belt, in the life and bad environment, have excellent performance. Second, according to the print quality requirements to label printer model if you apply places higher requirements on print quality, such as jewelry, mobile phone or demands on the smaller label printing, it is recommended that you use 300 dpi GP - printer as well And GP - 9034 9035, other general label can automatically such as GP - 200 dpi The 3120 series printers. Three, selection in domestic production enterprises have word of mouth or to set up the brand products have a lot of products in the domestic only to the agent to sales, the main business is likely to be the agent is not you want to buy the product, so the insufficient technical support. It is recommended that you choose a word or in domestic production enterprises with brand products. Such as jia bo printer, we provide a series of pre-sale and after-sale one-stop service, solve all the problems on the customers to use. Selection function of practical, cost-effective, label printers, some foreign brand printers, price is very high, completely out of the real printer cost price, but in order to improve the price often joined some don't often need to function in practical use, the reasons of thermal transfer printer is now unable to popularize mostly related to the choose and buy a moderate price, function appropriate printer is the best way to reduce costs. Five, and the choice of parts cheaper service guaranteed brand label printer when the choose and buy, should ask what parts easy to damage, at the same time for thermal transfer label printer is the most easy to damage the print head, because of printing on all kinds of unpredictable print materials, or the effects of the operating environment, the print head injury can be caused, if buy one just change the price of the print head can buy another brand of the printer, is really a big loss. In addition, you should ask for product in preparation for its parts, some of the product parts is not in the domestic stock, the need to replace parts, agents often takes up to 3 months to half a year to import parts, led to the production unit of work. And jia bo printer accessories all used self supplied by manufacturer, and launching two days fast repair service, greatly reduce the maintenance cost and time cost. The choose and buy of the above techniques and methods to help you find a contentment of the printer. More features and style printer please enter jia bo's official website to check and compare, many styles, there is always a suitable for you, I wish you a happy life.
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