How to identify ricoh carbon with true or false? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-05-18
With the popularity of barcode label printers, barcode carbon also ushered in the market, all kinds of carbon belt brand vigorously, brand carbon belt besides ricoh, there are also some other brand carbon belt, such as SONY, zebra, with friends, Fuji and other well-known carbon belt, ricoh carbon belt is the best known, however, is also one of the most popular brand users, because of its excellent friction resistance, corrosion resistance and high sensitivity to ensure excellent printing effect, widely praised by users. Ricoh carbon belt features: excellent friction resistance, corrosion resistance, has broad application fields of high resolution for printing standard type and rotating bar code that can meet the needs of different be printed material of high sensitivity to ensure excellent printing effect antistatic coating, effectively protect the print head features: high adaptability, can withstand under 50 ℃ with rough box paper scraping application: generality, special requirements for barcode readability, high temperature resistant and shaking in the process of transportation, suitable for the delivery and distribution management. Ricoh carbon quality is generally accepted that, as a standard of the industry, often encounter a lot of people say their carbon print quality can replace ricoh carbon zone, shenzhen vision did a lot of tests, if any setting, but does have some carbon belt can be and ricoh carbon belt comparable, but adapted to the machine, the temperature, pressure, there's still a lot of difference between resolution, comprehensive performance is still unable to contend with ricoh, below is the ricoh carbon belt printing effect, scraping resistance is very good! Due to ricoh carbon with good quality and reputation, also appeared a lot of the carbon with clones on the market, the editor will teach you how to recognize ricoh carbon belt of true and false, has the following four points: 1, on the axis of batch number identification: ricoh carbon belt by six Arabic numerals and 1 English letters, a total of seven. 2, carbon of recognition: RICOH carbon belt guide take red RICOH RICOH English trademark words. In addition, ricoh tubular core axis of carbon belt for smaller, so there is no code, but there will be a white foam pad. 3, outer packing: packing the outer packing with marked as carbon belt type, specification, quantity, storage temperature and wording, RICOH and stamped with red chapter, qualified samples as shown in figure: 4, carbon belt packaging identify: carbon with a belt attached to the shaft of carbon belt, outside all have white foam cushion packaging, to prevent the knock against affect carbon belt in the process of transportation. ( Without carbon attached to the shaft with no white foam pad) As barcode industry veteran brand suppliers, shenzhen vision with excellent quality and service by industry acclaim, cost-effective products can work in a variety of extremely harsh environment, create more benefits. Technique at present, shenzhen vision for barcode printers, brand carbon belt, the non-drying label, data collector, barcode scanners, bar code label and so on, welcome customers to inquire in need!
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