Jia bo GP - 2120 tf driver download the installation and use process should pay attention to the problem of _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-05-21

bo GP - 2120 tf with the method of machine with drive, dispense with the trouble that computer without drive, plug in cable, switch on the printer, computer will pop up a U disk, open the U disk inside the built-in tag paper driver, can support the Windows xp, Windows 7, Windows, if can't find U disk on your computer, please download it here: http://www. gainscha。 cn/cn/download。 aspx吗? Current = down, the first software download center name: bar code printer driver, bar code editing software, please click on the tool, download NiceLabel for Gprinter tag editing software, click download below to save small yellow triangle can be downloaded to your computer; After the download is complete, please click on the extract driver installation, if you want to print labels, during the installation process GP - please be sure to choose better 2120特遣部队( The label) , and select the USB interface, installation, as shown in the figure below:

bo GP - 2120 tf have two modes, label and its function, we machine factory default label model, but if you are in the process of using the machine without positioning or an error, please be sure to confirm whether the machine is required for your current mode, if you are to put the non-drying label paper, please be sure to adjust the machine to tag mode, if the current for the paper pattern, the machine could not go paper or paper positioning; If you are to print bills, installed jia bo GP - 2120TF( Notes) And be able to print the test page, machine for paper pattern at the same time, be sure to put paper receipts, otherwise the correct machine will flash a red light. How to switch machine mode below:

if you have questions, please check carefully jia bo GP - Tf 2120 specifications.

after the above operations, if you want to print labels you need, please install: NiceLabel for Gprinter tag editing software, after the installation is complete, click on the icon to open the software, to create a new TAB, and enter your tags to determine the specifications of the length and width, click next after can edit you want to print the contents of the, as shown in the figure below:

if you have a label template, and specifications, and your paper can be used directly, if inconsistent can double-click on label the margin Settings label format, above operation basically can fulfill the task of printing label, if there are other problems in the printing process, you can directly contact you buy businesses, provide technical support for you.

in the use of GP - better If there are 2120 tf label printing process, play a tag out a blank label, please in the top left corner, click on the file editing software, select the printer Settings, pops up a window, the following graph:

click advanced Settings, and other information remains the same, have a other advanced Settings below, the spacing between 0. 3 cm to 0. 2 cm, click close.

warm prompt: if there are other problems in use process, also can contact our manufacturer directly, I wish you a happy work, good printing, print in the future.

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