Need to pay attention to when the choose and buy the micro printer problems _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-05-20
When shopping thing, everyone has some idea how much this product, so the choose and buy the printer need to pay attention to matters you know? Below small make up for you: one, print character: the character set to meet the needs of users may not be exactly the same, some only need Numbers, some need to English, some need to Chinese characters, when the choose and buy must pay attention to the needs of the character set. Second, the overall dimensions and weight: if it is in a fixed place of printer, so as long as enough space, the size and weight of the printer is not too much to consider, and if it is easy to carry, you must consider the overall dimensions and weight. Three, power supply: the micro printer now has two power supply modes, one is to use external regulated power supply, another is to use rechargeable batteries, if is a regulated power supply, power supply quality is higher, if it is to use rechargeable batteries, rechargeable battery life into account, a charge can be used time and rechargeable batteries can convenient disassembly, especially for the outdoor users, if one time charge can use time is too short, so the battery life will be very few. If the battery is not convenient to disassemble, so if the battery power consumption in the outdoor light, so there was no way to use the printer. Four, paper roll size: if the user USES frequently, consider the size of the paper roll, frequent replacement of paper roll is something other people hate. Five, the print width and print the amount of data, print the width it is best to print the number of characters in a row to trace, such as the same paper 57 mm wide, much can print 24 characters, few can only play 10 characters, depending on the needs of users to determine the which one to use. Six, consumables: thermal printers and needles with different materials, so the same diameter of a roll of paper, thermal paper, but expensive, short needle to play with the paper, but cheap, if according to print the same amount of data, both the consumption of about the same, on paper but needle consuming ribbon, so, in general, the consumption of thermal printer consumables. Seven, ease of use: this could be a lot of choose and buy is overlooked, ease of use in all kinds of LED lights, voice prompts, key functional design, in paper, Thermal printer may have an advantage in this respect, now a lot of thermal printer paper method adopts clamshell type, can be quickly and very simple in paper, and the needle play because of the limitation of print machine core principle can't do that) , these users for him to understand.
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