Portable printer maintenance methods are there? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-28

there are many kinds of printer, portable printer are commonly used to carry use, has small volume, light weight, available batteries, easy to carry, etc.

portable printer maintenance methods are:

1. We pay attention to don't care about the cost of consumables. For example if the portable inkjet printing ribbon already buckling so if we can be replaced, because of serious buckling ribbon will be very easy to damage the print needle roller or damage to the word.

2。 Pay attention to the portable printer ribbon need to ensure that installed and reasonable installation. If portable printer ribbon installation does not reach the designated position, and it is not reasonable, printer ribbon at the time of job rotation will appear the phenomenon such as winding and wandering, need us to stop in time, avoid the printer to print the needle accidentally come into contact with the roller and wear off printing needles, ultimately affect the service life of the printer.

3。 We must choose good quality ribbon. Do not covet is cheap and casually pick cheap and inferior printing ribbon, otherwise it will bring after the print job and trouble, and even damage the printer. The surface of the low quality of ribbon printing ink also easy to follow the printing pinhole to gaps between needles and needles, use longer ink weathering and solidification happens, serious word will appear burned ribbon motor or drive chip major accidents.

the portable printers are a lot of people are exposed to a type of printer, of course, also need people to maintain portable printers, only in this way, the portable printers can better service for you. As a good printer manufacturers, top electronics on a portable printer research and development has also been gradually forward, LP3X series, PP6X series, like PP8X series products are favored by customers, are widely used in all walks of life, and top is always holds on to the guest for honour, stop yu zhishan to the idea of hope for more users to provide better products and services.

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