Printer carbon with common problem _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-04-22

printer ordinary carbon quality common problem with some people seem to be very upset, you are below detailed discuss if carbon belt there will be a problem:

1, carbon with needle ( The bubble) : due to ink not evenly daub. Will lead to print the word.

2。 Carbon with wrinkle: as the cutting and tension control system appeared some problems, will cause printing into carbon with a small piece of area without any word. Because of two layers of carbon with the temperature of the melting temperature is more than one layer.

3。 Carbon with a blank: optical film without handle, become greater than the whole blank.

4。 The paper core diameter tolerance is too big or too small, not put not into the printer or shaft carbon belt.

5。 Transport when temperature is too high, can cause carbon stick together.

6。 Paper core for running: cause broken belt, not along the edge.

7。 Carbon belt length is not enough.

8。 Carbon belt processing wound too tight or too relaxed, in carbon with runtime cannot and printer is tie-in.

9。 Shoddy, la base composition high resin composition is too little, will lead to can't show the advantage of mixed base.

as a general rule, want to buy the right carbon is not a particularly easy, generally different printers have different preferences, with different print media, but also will affect the printing effect, and now, the price of carbon belt is arguably as domestic processing capacity is more and more popular, more and more low price, want to buy the cheap and useful carbon belt, indeed must be truly knowledgeable people to guide, or bad printing effect directly influence is the image of the product.

in addition, a few import printers designated to use appropriative carbon belt, the effect is not necessarily better than general printing effect, and the carbon price is very expensive, this is the place that must pay special attention to when purchasing a printer. Because now, general thermal transfer carbon with falling prices, and the prices are lower than inkjet printing ink, and laser printer toner.

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