Printer common barriers and dealing with _ printing devices into the paper

by:Xprinter     2020-06-05
Core prompt a typed, printer paper and its disposal method 1, name can be flat. If the scene, the emergence of printer paper beginning should see the name of the printing paper can be flat, if emerging paper curl or fold, smooth, shiny paper for best results, use in name, and ensure the typed name means less than a similar glues the

a, printer paper and its disposal method

1, the name of the printing paper can be flat. If the scene, the emergence of printer paper beginning should see the name of the printing paper can be flat, if emerging paper curl or fold, smooth, shiny paper for best results, use in name, and ensure the printing paper name means less than a similar adhesive attached objects of a class.

2, printing paper is too thin or too much. Typed must ensure quality beyond 60 grams above, the paper is too thin will form the printer when walking paper become problem, printer paper form easily. And a typed load means not too thick.

3, take the paper roll wear. Take the paper roll is the most easy to wear and tear of laser printing department. When sheng paper plates in paper deformity, and helpless, when you pick up the paper often is take the paper roll wear loose or spring. Do not apply pressure, means less than the paper into the inflexible. Take paper roll wear and tear, at that time the helpless to change, available around the rubber band to stop emergency disposal. Surrounding the rubber band, after increasing the paper rolling friction, can make into paper return deformities.

4, and other. Sheng paper plates device is not straight, paper quality owe good ( Too thick, thin, be affected with damp be affected with damp) And so on, are probably formed paperboard or means less paper.

2, don't feed causes and disposal measures

1, the paper put too much. Device can correspond measure of printing paper first review, for example can load status once beyond printers left guide arrow mark, if beyond, must increase printing paper.

2, foreign bodies, blocking. See what printer can external foreign bodies blocked, for example if a printer in a paper, will incur no into paper. If a foreign body, it is necessary to eliminate it, eliminate must printer power first closed, then beware of take out foreign body. If pulled out a paper, it is necessary to pull the paper slowly along the paper, after take out a paper to review whether there are residual shredding, and safeguard the shredding also eliminate clean.

3 typed, moist. If the application of the printing paper deposit time is too long, and in the name of a wet feeling, also have probably emerge into the scene of a paper typed at this point we have to do is to dry.

4, ink can be finished. If the application is an inkjet printer, shining the light on the dark look or black ink cartridge or direct light remind will run out of ink. If the ink cartridge is empty, the printer will means less into paper.

once every three, into multiple pages, cause there are 4

1, the status of the printing paper. Printing paper position arrangement for into multiple pages of inaccurate happen, highly accurate paper means less than a piece of paper with the arrow mark in the slot on the left side of the guide rail; Second, typed review whether specifications apply request: weight of 60 180 grams of paper consistent ability request, and typed below 60 grams of ultra-thin, the emergence of more into the paper at the same time very easily.

2, the name of the printer paper curl level. Curly and incur a into multiple pages, typed must ensure that the name for this flat and smooth, if slightly curly, able to think of some way to put it.

3, the influence of the electrostatic induction. Electrostatic induction will form a more into the scene of a sheet of paper required before the device printing paper, printing paper with fan-shaped way out first, to ensure that each paper alone, respectively, then according to the accurate solution typed will be loaded into the paper guide groove.

4, recuperates the pole position. For a printer with paper thickness control effect, adjust good regulating lever position is very important. Difference in the application of paper, paper thickness control rod position is not the same, when application in practice the thickness of the printing paper, for instance, required to regulate pole position to 0. Difference is, the printer of eyelid of the scale is not the same, explain our best reference book.

4 wandering, printer paper

when printing a page empty suddenly go a piece of paper, then the initiative and then print. This often is to use long printer, paper detection switch contact due to the wear and dust into the bad war, cause the cause of the fault judgement is made to the printer. Open printer, find paper detection switch liquidation carefully clean with alcohol, can return the deformity.

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