The benefits of using portable printers embodied in where? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2023-08-29
What kind of printer according to technical classification can be divided into? According to the technology, inkjet, thermal, laser, pin type ( Matrix) , thermal transfer and thermal sublimation, font, cylindrical, spherical, electrostatic, magnetic type, light emitting diode type, such as a printer. Portable printer is refers to the small size, easy to carry the printers, mainly in order to meet the requirements of users on the mobile printing and design. The benefits of using portable printer is embodied in the following aspects: portable printer is commonly field use in various places, field use requires a printer has the characteristics of printing speed, help to improve the user's work efficiency. Portable printer because of the user, need has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient, therefore, portable printer usually adopted the paper storehouse, simple and easy design on paper, and simple keystrokes are the basic requirement of the product. Portable printer has small volume, lightweight, convenient to carry, etc, like a printer and alcohol tester supporting equipment, general is external portable printer is the ideal choice. Portable printers work environment, basically is used outdoors, this suggests that the printer can't connect the ac adapter power supply, so I need a printer has a long battery life, and portable printers are generally adopt large capacity battery and low power consumption to print design, to meet the needs of continuous printing.
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