The non-drying label material selection and procurement guidelines 3 _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-06-25
The non-drying label adhesives materials

as the surface material is printing the carrier, and their physical and chemical characteristics, choose to suit for different terminal product in front of the paper is not complicated, but the choice of adhesive is not as easy as material choice.

different adhesive is suitable for different posted content and labeling requirements. If required label glassware in the paste after a certain time can be pulled off, and the adhesive itself will not produce damage to glassware itself and have glue residue. The same and stationery products, furniture products. Family with air conditioning, the refrigerator efficiency label and so on characteristics. But more is no need to tear off after finishing, is permanently attached to the object.

when choosing adhesives are the major factors to consider the following aspects:

1, got the object's material: paper, plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, etc. ( Surface tension is different) 。

2. The shape of the object to be posted: plane, surface and surface arc size, the bottle diameter size, etc.

3, is stick on the surface of the object state: flatness and roughness, cleanliness, humidity, etc.

4, labeling way: by hand, since the standard label and labeling the speed and the pressure when the labeling, etc.

5, labeling environment: the labeling when temperature and humidity, the purity of the labeling site and space if there is dirt, etc.

6, storage environment: labeling after goods and label, the non-drying label material storage humidity, uv, etc.

in the labeling process, easy to overlook is labeling personnel care about the non-drying label material itself has chemical viscosity, and despise mechanical viscosity. In fact, certain labeling under pressure, using the applicable adhesive label can be made safe. Exception is hot melt adhesive series of glue stick on the PVC material is not suitable for, due to the chemical composition of the adhesive itself with the plasticizer of PVC components react to generate seepage and damage is stick on the surface of glue phenomenon.

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