The non-drying label material selection and procurement guidelines 4 _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-06-30
The choice of the non-drying label material supplier

due to the domestic market has the potential and space, with upm raflatac ( 芬欧蓝) Blue tiger stickers represented by transnational the non-drying label material suppliers in the domestic market is full of confidence. Especially UPM changshu spent 10 billion yuan to build a large coated paper and coated paper production line, immediately UPM blue tiger in changshu mill and invest 400 million yuan to build a world-class self-adhesive label materials production base, also reflected the UPM blue tiger to China market confidence and label and the overall strength of group.

competition is quality, service, brand and so on a full range of competition, but in the end is the competition of power. The selection of suppliers mainly from the supply ability, product quality and stability of the batch, price, service and research and development ability, potential market of mining capacity and insight, to improve the speed of the improved evaluation. A stable and long-term development of the supplier as committed to the development of the printing company, terminal users, always constantly improve themselves, improve the added value for customers and continuous efforts. To provide printing enterprise meet the application of suitable products, technical support, production process control suggestion and improved scheme, etc.

the global exchanges and trade is more and more close, multinational companies will use the global information and achieve information sharing. This is a domestic small and medium-sized the non-drying label material supplier incomparable advantages. In the fierce competition in the field, it is also an essential condition of evaluating suppliers. Because the global view of suppliers to keep up with the pace of the global development and innovation in time, further optimize resources to enhance the competitiveness. So, in a wide range of suppliers, the choice of the optimal cost-effective products is not just a look at the product itself, but rather to select a optimal supplier to provide the best products. As has good printing equipment the non-drying label printing enterprise, if you choose a cheap but not stable product, will play out the characteristics of its printing equipment; Similarly, a product quality is not high, or are not suitable for use in good printing equipment is like in a new cloth on an old garment, also can't take effect.

because the non-drying label material on the product has certain hysteresis cycle, from stick good standard to shelves or into the hands of the consumers always have a period of time, security is difficult to stick mark, but the overall strength and quality control ability not complete product provided by the supplier will make the application become unreliable and carries risks. A label printing enterprise itself does not have enough quality inspection system, the quality assurance of the non-drying label material in on its own experience, quality standards, industry's overall evaluation of the suppliers, to a certain extent, depend on the material suppliers to provide quality assurance. Who knows, once appear quality abnormal, the loss is directly caused by the processing cost rise, indirect loss is to affect the confidence of the long-term cooperation and even loss of customers. The supplier or the non-drying label material printing enterprises are unwilling to see.

choose specialization degree is high, stable quality and the perfect quality control process, service, humanized material suppliers is based on the printing enterprise overall understanding of the material suppliers to decide. Removal of professional printing enterprise, technical ability, also must be a preferred choice principle, rather than a parrot, that what is what, choice is not decided. Suppliers to pursue the benefit and optimizing the cost of major premise, pay attention to the change of the supplier is selected content.

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