Thermal printers, common problems and eliminate _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-04-02
Below small make up for you to introduce thermal printers are common problems and troubleshooting. A serial port printer league chance to print the code? Answer: hold rate set by the PC host, wave is consistent with the printer will not print the code; Printer paper, but the red light flash? A: the print head overheat or printer didn't detect black label, print head or knife no connection correct; Printer doesn't open chest or boot after the box automatically open, can't shut down? A: please check whether the cashbox printer connection interface specification, if meet and coffers connection is correct, please send the specified pits maintenance; The latter for cashbox drive circuit bad, please send the specified health maintenance. Disorderly printer paper? Answer: the movement sensor is too dirty, please clean with a soft brush sensor, if still can't check after cleaning paper; Please send specified health maintenance. The printer with a period of time, online printing the code? A: the printer interface board is damaged, please replace the communication interface board or send specified health maintenance. The indicator lights on the control panel is not bright? A: check the power cord is properly inserted into the printer, power adapter, and power socket, check that the printer's power switch is on, if these works, please send the specified health maintenance. The printer to print is not clear? Answer: basically be to see the whole print width part is not clear or not clear, if is the print format is not clear, may be printing paper quality does not conform to the standard; Part if it is not clear, it is possible that the print head is too dirty, please use cotton dip alcohol cleaning of thermal print head and clean after still print is not clear, please send specified health maintenance. How to install a network share a printer driver? Answer: enter the neighbor online, on a Shared printer computer find the Shared printer, double-click the print, install driver to the local printing. Paper cutting often half cannot cut off? Answer: the blade deformation or the blade tension is not enough, can be the shrapnel in the blade on the clamshell strengthen elasticity or replace the blade. 80 series Ethernet interface to print more than one machine to use at the same time, sometimes can't print communication interrupt, how to troubleshoot? A: first of all, please check the printer connection network is stable, then each printer boot self-checking, check whether there is printer EthernetId repeated conflicts, if there are any repeat conflict, please use the Ethernet interface of the printer CD printers tool change EthernetlID, make each printer EthernetId number only. How to troubleshoot printer knife stuck? Answer: at this point it is forbidden to pry open directly with good thing should first pressure clamshell or pat, and restarting, check the cutter can be reset, if the knife still cannot be reset, can be manually adjust the cutting knife in micro knob. First before open the printer cover, gear cutter, with all hands, slowly turn the cutter back, or with phillips screwdriver knife adjustment knob, slowly rotating cutter returned, can open the cover. The printer doesn't carefully into the water, what should I do? Answer: should immediately shut off the power, hair dryer are available, and then blow dry the mainboard and movement and so on various parts, pay attention to the temperature is too high, the normal temperature of 50 ℃ or so. How to start a high-speed drive model? A: will the printer SW - DIP switch 8 bits set to ON, the printing speed in the original high speed printing speed is based ON high speed drive mode, will drive graphics printing speed from the old version of the 27 mm/s 100 mm/s, reduces the noise in the process of printing. Ethernet printer support condition monitoring, Ethernet connection, OPOS and print a variety of international language support, serial ports, a variety of parity optional features ( A serial port is optional parity check, odd parity, parity, the blank space, mark) 。 How to set up a kitchen to a single automatic reminders? A: will the printer SW - DIP switch 6 set to ON, can enable the printer to single automatic reminders in the kitchen. After start the function, such as the printer cashbox interface to connect the speaker, when paper cutting, horn ring for 5 seconds, to prompt singles finished printing. ( Note: when the printer coffers interface connection box, never will SW - 6 set to ON, otherwise will burn out the coffers of the coil. ) How to set up a serial port 115200 BPS high-speed communications print mode? A: for a serial port printer, can be the SW - DIP switch 6 set to ON, can enable a serial port 115200 BPS high-speed communications print mode. How to print because of the paper do not out of the list? Answer: when the printer finally due to paper as a singles not complete or was not a single, now again put on paper, the single complete the printer to print it out. Support software and printer binding function? A: to protect the interests of the software. Once to activate this feature, users to replace the other software or other type of printer can't work normally. 18, Ethernet interface can connect two tasks at the same time? Answer: when Ethernet interface printers is a link to the print task, also can have a links task is in a state of waiting for printing.
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