Bar code printer garment industry should be how to purchase? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-06-03
Clothing industry should be how to buy bar code printer: because a lot of manufacturer, looking for bar code label printer, generally do not know what brand what standard is the real demand, coupled with vendors to its profits, general introduction some high profit, but not necessarily the most suitable products, thus causing some companies generally purchase some goods are not suitable for their own situation. 1. Using the & # 8203; Load in general, the bar code printer is mainly divided into commercial type and addition of two kinds: business type is suitable for the unit, small clothing factory, such as small printing contrast situation, business type of bar code printer chooses the main mechanical structure is given priority to with plastic, there are considerable advantages in the bid. Addition, think about the mass printing and strict working environment requirements, general industrial goods more choose metal parts and higher gear, durability and stability is greatly superior to commercial goods, the printing speed is much faster, too. Using load also does not have a very accurate boundary, on the basis of our experience and some data is introduced, and the daily maximum workload is not more than 4000 pieces, at the mercy of uniform every day 1000 tags can perform a thinking of commercial type machine. Of course, under the equal load with addition to print using life spans will be longer. 2. Print bar code printer by printing precision accuracy to differentiate, there are mainly two 203 dpi and 300 dpi, at the mercy of 300 dpi quotation about 45% more expensive. In general, if you are mainly used for printing the non-drying label, can choose 203 dpi machine; If you are mainly used for printing clothing tags and washing mark, I introduce you to the best purchasing printing precision machine at 300 points, because the water mark printing effect is inferior to the role of the stickers and hangtags paper, especially in print some compare the small text and washing symbols, if be to 200 machine print resolution will compare difference might look not clear, and writing a brief drop, contaminated clothing. 3. Print method of bar code printer from the print principle can be divided into two kinds of heat transfer and thermal. Thermal printer transmission mechanism a brief, direct effects on thermal paper, handwriting retention time is shorter, the playing of the box is very suitable for retail category, such as printing computer receipts. General method can also be converted to thermal and thermal transfer printer to print, versatility is very good. Thermal transfer is after high temperature carbon bring a print head of toner transfer to medium, handwriting retention time is durable, thus also compare extensively used. 4. Maintenance service bar code printers, professional strong contrast, choosing suppliers should fully consider the supplier of professional Settings. Professional training: general users directly by the supplier to compare professional training, in addition to the operation training, should also be introduced protection maintenance at ordinary times, short of cleaning, etc. Professional repair: you should be able to supply the localization of the repair service, bar code printer to print head belong to wearing parts, need to replace general 2 ~ 3 years, and it needs regular contact professional maintenance service supply print head, otherwise can also affect the print head life spans. Backup service: when the equipment needs to return factory repair, shall supply backup equipment, to ensure that the produce is not affected. Consumable supplies: you should be able to timely supply customers required consumables, can to supply the special needs of customers with professional guidance. 5. Spare parts and consumables costs in addition to thinking machines outside their own price, also think consumables and parts ( Mainly the print head) The quotation. The print head offer accounted for about 35% of the equipment price, it is vulnerable parts of the printer, print on no foregone printing materials, may be the influence of the operating environment, may cause the print head damage, so suggest we purchase own brand trust, don't when replacing the print head and 2 ~ 3 years later, only to find that it is hard to find a supply of goods or the price is too expensive. 6. Other problems need attention & # 8203; If the practice needs to print a large number of data from the database, the best choose memory compared to large industrial goods; If the information in the database including Chinese characters, to think about choosing model can download Chinese characters to the machine in memory. If the print medium type comparison, especially print tag, distance type label paper roll, it is necessary to choose the sensor models that can move, convenient quick positioning. In addition, but also consider whether print media needs additional details such as stents. 7. Market situation now, the domestic bar code printer with skills and offer decline, is now gradually throughout. Own brand on the quotation and service has significant advantages, thus occupies most of the market share in China. And a lot of foreign manufacturers, is in a foreign country using local domestic brands, therefore its brand also contrast brief by foreign manufacturers trust and choose, even if contrast valuable quotation.
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