Bar code printer manufacturer to tell you the basic knowledge of barcode printing _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-05-31
Bar code printing and what are the basic common sense? Let the barcode printer manufacturer to tell you. The design principle of bar code printing position is: the location bar code symbol should be selected to symbol position relatively uniform, the symbol is not easy to deformation, easy to scan and read for the guidelines. Should comply with GB/T 14257 - 2002 the commodity bar code symbol position 'regulation. In practice, a commodity bar code should be printed in the flat surface of commodity packaging, first elected in the packaging on the right side of the main display surface, the second is connected to the main display surface of the plane, when there is no place these surface can also be placed on the back of packaging the main display surface; Commodity bar code must be printed in the absence of covered surface; Commodity bar code cannot be placed on the packaging of easy to wear. According to the relevant provisions of the product, according to the different forms of commodity packaging recommended the following barcode printing position: 1, box, box packaging barcode printing position using box, box packaging goods, choosing the barcode position, should consider when packaging tile and folded after the different influence to the bar code symbol, avoid packing after folded will cover part of the bar code symbol or left and right blank area; On the carton printing bar code symbol should be chosen in the process of transportation is not easy to wear one side to printing, printed on the bottom surface, best avoid printed right in the middle; When the packaging is a rectangle, the centre of the bar code should be printed on the bottom. 2, canned, bottled bar code printing position for canned goods, bottled, such as the bar code symbol printed on the cans, glass bottles, plastic containers on the underside of may increase the cost, the better way is to put the bar code printing on the side of the label below. Bottled goods, especially polyester beverage bottle shape, packaging appearance is uneven, the label on the bottle, bar code also with the bottle shape becomes uneven, buckling, bar code symbol cannot be read. This kind of situation, should be in the part of the guarantee label printing bar code symbol is smooth. In bottles, cans and other surface products printing bar code symbol, also note that bar code shall not exceed 30 surface curvature & deg; 。 In the surface of the packaging of goods, the choice of barcode amplification factor related to the diameter of the surface. When the diameter is too small commodity packaging, such as bar code symbols according to the direction perpendicular to the bottom of the packaging, the scanner will be difficult to scan it completely, then turn bar code should be 90 & deg; The direction of the article, according to the barcode busbar placed perpendicular to the cylinder. 3, bucket packaging barcode printing position when the goods for the plastic or cardboard barrels packaging, such as bar code printed on the bottom, need special printing, will increase the cost, therefore, usually printed on the side of the barrel. If can't print on the side, the barcode can be printed on the lid, but the depth of the lid should not be longer than 12 mm. If installed inside, which is easy to leak liquid, scan containers cannot be inverted, the bar code shall not be printed on the lid. 4, bag packaging barcode printing position for packaged goods, such as bar code printing near the edge of the bag, even though the printing after inspection, but after loading contents, prone to distortion, buckling, is still difficult to read bar code. Correct method is to avoid the seam when choosing barcode location and deformation, it's best to load the contents inside the bag, to observe and find it is flat and level, and in the location bar code printing. In general, for a packaged foods such as bread, candy, a bottom and the bottom is large enough, the bar code should be printed on the bottom, or can be printed in the middle of the bottom on the back. For large bag packaged goods, below the barcode printed on the back on the right side, but should be avoided in the low position, to prevent distortion caused by the seams of the bag or wrinkle bar code. With no small plastic bags or paper goods, at the bottom of the bar code should be printed in the middle of the bottom on the back. Central have a seam on the back, the printed in the lower right, or can't afford to fold after filling. 5, blister packaging, bar code printing position for packaging info is not printed blister packaging products, bar code printing on the cardboard best positive, and the height of the protruding packaging shall not exceed 12 mm, otherwise affect to read. If product volume is too big, the height of the out packaging is greater than 12 mm board surface, bar code should be on from prominent packaging in the distance, as far as possible to make the goods list read the card from the barcode scanning window distance within the 12 mm, otherwise it is not easy to read. In addition, in order to prevent the buckling, deformation, breakage of the package due to the effect to read, choosing goods barcode location, bar code blank area and artificial can read digital leaving stare blankly, buckling, overlapping, light cover at least 5 mm. The bar code of commodity packaging can't with it within a single retail goods barcode appeared at the same time.
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