Bar code printer _ place clean key equipment problem printing

by:Xprinter     2023-08-25
If you want to ensure the quality of the bar code printer and good performance for a long time, you need to bar code printer to clean up, clean up once a week. Daily need to focus on cleaning up the following: the print head cleaning: regular shall be clean printers, the print head. After turn off the power supply and alcohol swab to wipe, please keep the same direction to wipe, avoid dirt residues. Will the print head turns up, remove the foil, label paper, cotton swab ( Or cotton) Clean the print head, gently until after clean gently wipe with a clean cotton print head. Keep barcode printing head clean way can get good printing effect, extend the service life of the print head is the most important thing. Rubber roller cleaning and maintenance: to regularly clean regularly barcode printer rubber roller and alcohol swab, keep the rubber roller clean, also is in order to get good printing effect, and extend the life of the print head. In the process of printing label paper will leave a little a lot of powder on glue stick, if not timely cleaning, will hurt the print head; Transmission system of cleaning and cleaning: inside the case for general label paper stickers, the glue is easy to stick on the drive shaft and channels, plus there are dust, directly affect the print effect, therefore, needs to clean frequently. Method is to use dip with alcohol swabs ( Or cotton) Scrub each drive shaft, the surface of the channel, and the dust inside the case, after clean, dry. Sensor cleaning: to keep the sensor clean, only measuring the carbon paper error or errors will not occur. Sensors including labeling of ribbon sensor and the sensor, its position see specifications, method is to use soak with alcohol swab swab sensor head, clean, dry.
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