Bar code printer printer head is broken needle _ equipment problem printing condition

by:Xprinter     2023-08-26

barcode printers print head is one of the most important part of the components inside the bar code printer, it is made up by a row of heating element by, common barcode printers print head 1 mm length with eight or 12 heating element, the width of the inside of the heating element is very small.

judge whether the print head bolt, you will find that the label paper printout from top to bottom has a straight, fixed line blank, if label paper appear a strip blank line above the print head cut off. Generally the print head bolt is unable to repair, can only replace the print head. The causes of print breakage are commonly:

1. On the surface of the label paper dust.

2。 Inferior label paper or carbon with uneven surface.

3。 Often use inferior label paper or carbon belt need high temperature, the print head to print clearly, and high temperature is often easy to cause print head bolt and shorten the service life of the print head.

4。 Drop to the ground label paper, which has been dusty back roll back to use.

5。 Than label paper the use of carbon belt width should be slightly wider, because the edge of the label paper is very sharp will cut the print head, so don't use than to save carbon belt and narrow label paper size.

6。 Bar code printers, the print head at the bottom of the rubber roller is not clean, there are many prominent impurity the wear and tear on the print head. Normally the above problems can lead to damage of the print head, so it is important to note that when using as the print head is broken and cannot be printed label, and the replacement of a print head hundreds to thousands of.

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