Bar code technology applied in tobacco _ printing equipment management system

by:Xprinter     2020-07-09
Tobacco management system is a complicated large data systems, it includes warehousing, sorting processes, smoke box code needs to be scanned from accumulation of warehouse goods and information input system, cigarette is put after the sorting machine, through the sorting process is automatically assigned to the conveyor belt, again through the bar code printer to print label. Have a manual operation mode of operation, data errors occur disorder, informationization level is low, so that it can not be implemented for cigarettes LingShouHu real-time information management. Because the system appear such problems, the introduction of bar code technology including tell the application of bar code printers, label printers, can effectively solve the problems in the process of data entry. Through the use of bar code printers, increase barcode printing on the outer packing labels, the goods can be further refined management, improve the efficiency of logistics. Time reference barcode technology in China is still in its infancy, for the use of bar code technology is also far less than developed countries, we should develop its own technology in practice.
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