Barcode carbon with how to distinguish the inside outside carbon carbon _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-07-09
Barcode carbon belt is an important part of barcode printing, today for everyone to introduce knowledge about barcode carbon belt: outside the bar code in the belt can be divided into carbon and carbon carbon, if you want to make a distinction between the two, most of the points are generally divided by machine printing label paper. But in the case of no label on hand, also can use barcode carbon belt side has a carbon copy of the principle to distinguish. Barcode carbon belt such as carbon brush stroke test, can be carried out according to the following steps: 1. Round out a section of the ribbon. 2. Part will orbit around the ribbon on a piece of paper, carbon belt lateral surface contact with the paper. 3. With a nail brush stroke volume out of the inner surface of the medium. 4. From the paper picks up the carbon. 5. Observe the results. Paper marks carbon belt? Left a mark on the paper ribbon coating is located in the lateral, could be used to the printer. No marks ribbon ribbon on the paper coating is located in the medial, cannot be used for this printer. In order to guarantee the accuracy of the test, on the other side of the carbon wheel surface should repeat perform the test again.
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