Food industry receipts _ printer control device problem printing

by:Xprinter     2020-05-25

food industry system application environment has its own characteristics, in terms of the use of the printer, the environment of the non & quot; After the kitchen & quot; . After customers at the front desk order, the system will point the menu after the information transmission to the kitchen, cook by connecting the printer to print order information, and when, accurate to provide customers with food.

however, in the kitchen, the network signal interruption, power outages, in the paper, the phenomenon such as environmental noise caused by lost a little bit of menu in the printing process such as single, fault phenomenon, lead to the customer by some food dishes on the delay, omission or fault of wait for a phenomenon, cause unnecessary disputes and disputes, reduce customer satisfaction; Lost at the same time, the single fault, the phenomenon of frequent is also directly contributing to the user to print the increased cost of equipment maintenance.

according to the above the application characteristics of kitchen environment, jia bo printer puts forward a ticket is a control technology, it is sent by the upper software par and printer interactive synchronous control, to ensure the integrity of each par, can effectively deal with the complicated by signal interruption, power outages, operating environment, such as kitchen after losing caused by single, fault and other issues.

the creative paper dedicated print control technology, and solve the current catering enterprises after hutch to print them single, wrong problem, greatly reduce the customer complaints, complain that the phenomenon such as; In improving the customer satisfaction at the same time, effectively reduce the catering enterprises and system maintenance costs of printing equipment.

at present, one ticket is a control technology has been applied to food industry success, to provide users with the easy par printing services, unanimously recognized by the vast number of users, the perfect pilot coupon to print.

a ticket a control instructions


control refers to the one called a ticket through the upper software and printers to cooperate to complete for each a piece of paper, printing for effective control, prevent a single phenomenon.

noun explanation

software: running on the PC ( Such as computer) Program, responsible for communication with the printer send instruction to the printer.

firmware: curing inside the printer control program, to explain the upper software instructions, control action for the printer.

error status: printer error condition.

normal state: the state of the printer error free and can be normal print.

working status: printer without fault and is printed or is receiving data.

idle: printer error free and waiting for receiving data.

is prohibited to print status: because some reason for the error can't print the status of the printer. Coupon printing process definition

in page mode, coupon printing process is defined as from the beginning to print this coupon to print.

in standard mode, the coupon printing process is defined as the print from the start to the front of the received paper cutting paper cutting instruction execution. Face in the process of printing the status of the printer to print. Par control process description

the upper control software and the printer firmware according to the following agreement to complete the control of a piece of paper to print:

1) First the upper software need to send 1 b76 instructions to check the status of the printer returned.

2) The printer after receiving the instruction, returns the current state of the printer at a time.

3) The upper software to determine the status of the printer, if the printer is in normal state, the into step 4) ; If the printer is in a state ban on print, the upper software need to determine whether a printer in the error state, if in error state, the upper software needs to wait for error recovery ( Restore manually or automatically restore) , go back to step 1) 。

4) The upper software to send 1 b78 instructions to check the status of the printer returned.

5) Printer after receiving the instruction, return to a printer task status.

6) The upper software judge printer task status, if the printer is in working status, return to step 4) ; If the printer is idle continue down.

7) The upper print tasks distributed software.

8) Printer after receiving the print task, explain instruction, process data and start to print.

9) Printer for paper printing.

repeat process.

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