For a growing percentage of demand for micro printer _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-07-15
With the continuous improvement of people's living needs and the acceleration of market segmentation, printer miniaturization become the development trend, industry users demand for micro printer is growing. 1. No material input, use cost is low. It will be for perform a large hospital can save a lot of costs. Thermal label printer supplies don't need, need only can print in the paper. At the same time, compared with the thermal transfer label printer, in addition to save printing consumables, can absolutely protect the patient's personal information. 2. Small size, waterproof anti-fouling. The micro printer outstanding product quality, the shapes of delicate and cabinet, flexible application in the limited space. The characteristics of resistance to water, alcohol, antifouling effectively cope with 3 hospital complex environment. Simple operation, strong compatibility. Many medical staff reflect the replacement of paper roll is very easy to use and into the roll of paper cover was finished.
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