High value of thermal paper recycling _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-05-08

thermal paper may be you are indispensable in daily life, but they can also be found that paper also can be seen everywhere, excessive waste paper will damage the environment, so we must make good use of waste paper, but now the social value and significance of waste paper recycling.

thermal paper waste paper also called secondary fiber, is the second largest recycling materials, second only to iron and steel is a kind of recyclable renewable resources, is the main raw material of paper pulp, 83% 85% of the paper can be used for recycling; At present, energy, resources and environmental problems have become the bottleneck of China's paper industry and even the entire national economy development. Circular economy and low carbon development has become the consensus of the world. Waste paper as a kind of recyclable renewable resources, both at home and abroad to get a high degree of attention and recycling, paper industry in the world is one of the main methods of low-carbon development. In nearly a decade can have 100% waste paper pulp in the production of high quality corrugated paper, industrial paper, tissue paper, toilet paper, newsprint paper, copy paper, etc. , including corrugated paper and corrugated board paper and newsprint is successful application of secondary fiber of the largest paper products.

another aspect, for a long time, the social from all walks of life have a consensus that China's waste paper recovery rate is low. In fact, about China's waste paper recovery, there are many different theories, China's renewable resources recycling association official figures, China's waste paper recovery rate is 44. 5%. But, as far as we know, the first line of waste paper recycling enterprise of the digital don't agree with, some people think that the waste paper recovery rate reached more than half of our country, and even some think this number can reach 7.

when China's paper industry needs a large number of imported waste paper, the environmental protection department is not happy. According to the China inspection certification group ( CCIC) The arrival of the goods inspection on imported waste unqualified data show that the analysis of the 1-2013 Imported waste raw materials species composition of waste paper in September of 65. 78%; Among them, 266 batches of waste paper is unqualified, a total of 4578 cases, 186555 tons of weight. 1 - in 2013 In August the arrival of the goods of all kinds of unqualified imported waste raw materials, 85. 73% from the waste paper, unqualified reason of entrainment respectively exceeding 82. 33%, poor health status of 14. 3 29%, life waste. 38%. All sorts of problems caused by the import of waste paper and let the environmental protection department is very big, even, there are many environmentalists directly to the garbage hat buckle on the import of waste paper in the head. It is because of imported solid waste problems, China sea on February this year began a 10-month aims to strengthen the supervision of import of solid waste and hedge against the garbage smuggling action.

thermal paper waste paper as an important raw material for paper industry development, the meaning of imported waste paper more than is to meet the material needs of the development of papermaking industry. In addition, more want to see is that by importing waste paper, we save a lot of wood, coal, water and electricity, at the same time, also reduce the air pollution and water pollution. If only because there exist some problems in the import of waste paper to import waste paper glue to stick the organization garbage, suppression of waste paper imports, it is biased and isolate.

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