label makers go high tech with pc-linked models

by:Xprinter     2019-11-10
When I was a child, my parents bought me a Dymo label manufacturer.
You know.
They\'re plastic hands.
Handheld devices with wheels allow you to choose letters or numbers.
Squeeze the trigger and the character is pressed onto a plastic strip that is glued to most surfaces.
I used this device throughout my childhood to tag books, radios, and anything else that needed to be labeled.
But I didn\'t stop.
When I set up my first office, I bought the professional version of the label manufacturer to label file cabinets, office equipment and stapler.
I even made some small logo for the front desk. Dymo (
Now it\'s a department in the UK.
Based on Esselte Co. , Ltd. , these plastic stamping equipment are still produced.
But as you would expect, technology is also having an impact on such products.
In 1998, Esselte acquired CoStar, the leading manufacturer of PC.
Label-based devices.
The company\'s latest devices include improved PC-
Label-based printers and a range of manual
Electronic Printer.
I recently installed the Dymo LabelWriter Turbo on my PC and have been using it to mark everything from folders to phones to envelopes.
Almost anything that leaves my office now has a tab so it can (hopefully)
Find the way back
The small desktop device is easily connected to a PC or Mac via a USB port, which is an improvement from the previous model plugged into the serial port.
USB is available on most new PCs and Macs, not only is it faster than serial, but you can purchase an adapter that lets you plug up to 127 devices into one port.
The label printer comes with software to easily design complex or very simple labels.
If you want to use labels for bulk mailing, or create labels based on computerized inventory data, you can even print labels from the database.
In addition to printing from Dymo software, you can print from Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Goldmine, and other PC and Mac software programs.
For example, you can print labels for everyone in your computer\'s contact list so you can paste them on your Rolodex card.
As its name suggests, the LabelWriter Turbo is fast.
It takes about two seconds for each label.
It can also print 1 1/2-by-2 1/4-inch-
Wide Label and index label.
It\'s about $259 and expensive.
LabelWriter EL 60 prints labels of the same size but is slightly slower. At $209.
95, also relatively cheap.
The cheapest model is EL 30.
For $149, print only 1/2-
Inch label and index label.
The label itself is 350 rolls and costs about 5 cents per roll.
Cheap or expensive depends on how you use them.
I think it\'s reasonable to come once in a while.
Tags used by signage or office, but too expensive for bulk mailing.
To do this, it is best for you to purchase a label inventory that plugs directly into a laser or inkjet printer.
Dymo directly competes with Seiko Instruments (
It offers a range of similar smart label printers starting at $199.
Some models of Seiko and Dymo printers can also be used to print postage.
Dymo and Seiko are both with E-Stamp (
Enables the printer to create postage \"stamps\" that can be attached to envelopes and labels \".
Labels generated by Dymo and Seiko PC-
Label-based printer on hot glue paper.
It\'s the same technique as the thin old paper, but it\'s not that ugly.
Nevertheless, they are not as attractive as labels from other types of label devices from brother companies, Casio and Dymo.
I tried Casio KL recently-
8100 PC label printer, now available for $99 from Casio\'s website (
Like popular hands-
Brother\'s label printer, which is printed on a variety of coated tape that can be attached to any place in the office or retail environment that requires labeling.
The tape sizes range from 6 to 24mm and the printer can handle one to eight lines of text.
Unlike Dymo LabelWriter, it can work on a computer or on a computer.
In fact, for a person
Outside of the label, I found it easier to use the built-in features of the label printer
On the keyboard, create the label on the PC using the installed software.
Of course, this software will be handy if you want to print from a database already on your PC.
The device has more built-in features
Than the characters and fonts you want.
Personally, I will take the more expensive PC --
Compatible with label printer and get basic label printer from Casio or Brother. Casio\'s KL-750 EZ-
The label printer is portable and offers a line or two of text for $49, which is very easy to set up and use.
Brother did a whole line of P-
Touch the label printer and start at around $49.
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