Label paper introduction _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-06-21
With the progress of science and technology, social from all walks of life also got unprecedented development, during which there is a very important but also easy to ignore a role: tag. Small label to its many advantages in all walks of life. The best label, as some goods id into everyone's vision. In the supermarket, for example, food, medicine, logistics, electronics, electrical appliances, automobile, chemical industry, clothing, aviation, etc, everyone can see it. Often we see it, is it the appearance of after use, we now from its material and features to introduce for you. Existing sticker label, paper label, cloth class label, ceramic, metal tags, PVC board and other materials, suitable for bar code printer gration bottom with the material of paper or leather bottom the non-drying label, paper label, cloth class label. The non-drying label to distinguish roughly divided into paper and surface material membrane type two kinds. Paper, the material is not waterproof, not oil, can tear, divided into inferior smooth and half highlights. Applicable in carton labeling, price labeling, asset management records, general merchandise, etc. Half a specular materials generally referred to as the glossy paper, material surface smooth level off, can be on the bar code printer. Carbon of form a complete set with two kinds, one is gezer with wax, wax for the is the base, the printing effect is good, but not resistant to scrape cha. Another is mixed base carbon belt, namely half wax base resin, printing effect is very good, and it can put on the skin, but with slightly higher than the wax gezer; ; Inferior smooth paper, also known as writing paper, because of its surface coarse grain, good absorbent, commonly used in printing and laser printing machine. Inferior smooth paper slightly higher requirement to the carbon belt, general mixed base, specific choice, because of the customer. As paper surface sheets and to introduce a material, adhesive thermal paper. Heat sensitive material with carbon powder coating, the print head on the bar code printer heat heat transfer to the materials, so there's no need to cooperate with carbon belt can be printed. The operation is simple, the more used for electronic scale supermarket, price tags and other retail POS machine and so on. Using thermal paper label requirements needed to keep the environment to a certain extent, room temperature and drying. Other paper label: thermal transfer paper, Suitable for printing, cooperate with wax gezer with effect is also quite good) , fluorescent paper ( The characteristics of the color many, has warned that marked) , gold foil, Gold, silver, high quality surface material) , easy shredding ( Surface material is easily broken, used to prevent open) And so on, and the basic characteristics of coated paper to print. Common membrane roughly divided into chemical synthetic membrane adhesive materials (PE Polyethylene) , chemical synthetic membrane PET ( Polyester) , chemical synthetic membrane PP ( Polypropylene) , synthetic paper, etc. Characteristics of membrane materials waterproof, prevent oil, not easy tear, high temperature resistance. Apply to electronic, electrical appliances, automobile, chemical industry, etc. White PE, resistance to water, oil and chemicals, such as performance is important product labels, used in cosmetic and washing products labels, material extruding performance is good, good dimensional stability, low temperature strength, cooperate with the resin carbon with print, excellent results. ( Have transparent PE, mist, bright silver, and the distinction between thickness) 。 White PET, resistance to water, oil and chemicals is important product labels, such as on the PET bottle or package of cosmetic and cleaning products. Good dimensional stability, high tensile strength, high tear strength and stiffness, good heat resistance. Cooperate with resin carbon with print, excellent results. ( PET with white, dumb silver, transparent and distinguish thickness) 。 White PP, resistance to water, oil and chemicals is important product labels, usually for washing supplies, cosmetics labels. Good gloss and dimensional stability, high tensile strength, used for printing, cooperate with the resin carbon belt printing, effect is good. ( Like the above products, PP also has the distinction between color and thickness) 。 Synthetic paper, resistance to water, oil, good tensile strength, high tear strength, cooperate with the resin carbon with print, the effect is better. This material with its price in the market and the characteristics of material itself is between paper and membrane between the two categories of products has a advantage of materials. Printing and color printing effect is quite obvious. PP polypropylene membrane materials also have thermal film. Solid information labels to use, especially suitable for requirements for luggage belt, manufacturing process, short-term outdoor use labels, etc. Usually use thermal transfer printing labels can satisfy the use requirement of more complex demanding: long time preservation: use thermal transfer printing label, according to the material and the use of carbon labels with the material of different can save more time, such as some durable products and equipment product labels often use resin base carbon print durability in PP or PET label, 3 - 5 years, even longer. Resistance to high temperature, some paste in the product heating parts, need to use in high temperature environment, you can use the way of thermal transfer printing. If stick the label on the electronics industry PCB usually takes slope peak welding experiment, need to use special high temperature resistant PCB tags. Waterproof: use the material such as PP, PVC or PET film class label, can cooperate with mixed base or resin base carbon with print, have waterproof effect. Scratch resistant: need long time to save the label usually have certain anti scratch for, use resin base carbon belt printing PET label, on scratch resistance performance also let a person.
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