Label printer focus attention to the problem of _ to print some items of the equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-05-26
Label printer focus on some of the items will have? Below small make up for your explanation: a. Print column width, and copy ability must be correct, the deliberate choice. Print column width, and copy ability, the two technical indicators are paper printers, two of the most important technical indicators, once the wrong choice, is not in conformity with the practical situation ( Only refers to the technique index is too low, can't meet the requirements) , it will directly affect the application, and there is no room for back. Unlike some indicators, inappropriate choice of words only print target slightly less, or the waiting time longer. Print width refers to the printer to print the maximum width, on the market at present there are three main kinds of the width of paper printer: 80, 106, 136. If the user print paper under 20 cm, 80 columns of choose and buy products is enough; Printing paper in 20 centimeters of above but no more than 27 cm, should choose the products listed 106; If more than 27 cm, must select the product of 136 columns. The user when the choose and buy should be based on your need to print in the practical application of the width of the paper for selection. Copy ability refers to a paper printer to typed copy type up to hit a few the ability of al content, such as the need to print SiLianChan users can choose to have 1 + 3 copies of the ability of the products; If need to print 7 league of the users of the VAT invoice must choose products capable of 1 + 6 copies. 2. Into the thickness of the paper and print thickness can not be ignored. In the thickness of the paper is the thickness of the paper can be absorbed by the printer's actual, and the thickness of the print is refers to the actual printer can print thickness. The two technical indexes is also a paper printer problem can not be ignored when the choose and buy. In actual application, because of the different purposes, so the use of printing paper thickness is different, such as in the commercial invoice of general thin paper, into the thickness of the thickness of the paper and printing need not choose too large; In the financial sector as a result of the need to print the passbook and the thickness of the bill of exchange is bigger, so should choose when the choice into heavy wall thickness and the printing paper products. 3. The printing speed and the feeding should be stable and fast. Label printer can print speed is to use every second to print how many Chinese characters to represent, and the feeding speed is determined by how many inches per second. While in the actual application of speed is the sooner the better, but bill printer often deal with tissue paper and laminated paper, therefore in the process of print must not blindly going faster, but in order to print smooth, accurate, clear as the requirement, can ask fast in the stable. Need to know once the paper print is not clear, can cause very big trouble, some serious consequences or even immeasurable. Four. Mechanical positioning accuracy and high reliability. Paper printing generally are made using the format of the set of forms, so bill printer should have good mechanical positioning capability, only in this way can hit the right notes, and also to prevent the because the print of mismatch may cause errors. At the same time, because in practical application, the paper printer often require hours of continuous work, work intensity is bigger, so the requirement for the stability of the products also have quite, can never occur because of work a long time and sabotage, strike.
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