Laser printer which brand is good? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-05-27
Summary network developed now, tired of work life a lot of friends, to go to work in the home, and for work, the printer is indispensable equipment, the number of products in the market now is various, however, and function is endless, let friends to choose and buy is very confused. Today just for you select several network developed now, tired of work life a lot of friends, to go to work in the home, but for work, the printer is indispensable equipment, however, the number of products in the market now is various, and function is endless, let friends to choose and buy is very confused. Today went to select for you a few cost-effective laser printers, hoping to reduce the cost of the choose and buy of you. HP said the case to the printer is HP, printer market dominance, buy HP products will not be wrong. HP products are equipped with common across photo print language, so some HP printer's price is higher than the other, for the pursuit of cost-effective friends may be less attractive. So, if your budget is enough, then directly buy HP certainly not wrong, but if the budget is general, the pursuit of value, then think again. HP HP 1020 Plus black and white laser printer, have 0 seconds preheating function, can guarantee the home page to print the output quickly. Printing speed about 14 pages per minute, highest can withstand 5000 pieces of A4 paper to print load per month. Overall this printer is nothing too many bright spots, belongs to the category of the amount of the price can be full, and suitable for small office use. Fuji xerox Fuji xerox by Fuji xerox film and the United States joint venture, has a history of more than 50 years, has focused on printing, photocopying and other office equipment. Fuji xerox printers have a advantage is photosensitive drum life is long, can reach tens of thousands of pages. Just change the cartridges on consumables, this is an advantage. And the price is cheap, so like cheap amount of friends, is a very good choice. Relative to the laser printer ink-jet printer has is not easy to plug nozzle, the advantage such as printing speed, early high cost, of course, as a third party compatible with selenium drum, this is not the problem. The M115b Fuji xerox printers, laser printing, photocopying, scanning function, at the same time, support wireless wifi Internet connection, using powder separation, lower cost of consumables, suitable for home. Output parameters, front page time less than 10 seconds, 10000 / month load, small and medium-sized enterprises can cope with. This brand is similar to Fuji xerox, brother brother product is dislocation competition, because the laser printing, are competing with HP & hellip; … Brother's strategy is the same machine I cheaper, as the price of my performance is higher. Is also like high cost performance, and the budget is not high friend selection, all products are drum is brother has a good separation, low maintenance cost, easy to use. Brothers, 哥哥) DCP1618W black-and-white laser all-in-one, original TN - with brothers 1035 black ink cartridges or print ( befon) BF - Black ink cartridges TN1035 TN - Office 1035, laser all-in-one function is much, basic can meet the demand. The company and home use. The drum powder separation design, reduce the cost. The official product material price is good. Canon Canon is a good choice for the case to print, have exclusive core technology, so that product quality is very high, but the Canon has always been the brand of pride, not too keen on the entry-level products cost-effective price war, heap, but always as usual to keep their own pace, so the ratio of the party, will be a bit disappointed. If you know the history of printing products, know the Canon and HP how in-depth cooperation in the field of printing, their product is actually about the same, can be complementary to consider. 4 in 1 model CMF232w has 256 MB of memory, can be achieved on page 27 / minutes of printing and copying speed, comprehensive support color scanning, and speed up 4 times compared with the previous generation products, 15 pages per minute, resolution can reach 600 & # 120; 600dpi。 Support mobile printing and Air Print with Canon mobile scanning apps, mobile devices like mobile phones, tablets, through local area network connected to the four product, will scan files placed in to lose draft or glass on the draft and on mobile devices according to clew, electronic document on the mobile device can be realized. Equipped with touch screen, the user may be canceled by tapping the selection, sliding, scrolling, and intelligent functions to simplify the operation steps.
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