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by:Xprinter     2020-04-04

label printer to adopt new technology of lithium battery can make the label printer to print at high speed, and can print two dimensional barcode, light and durable, the design adopted include rarely used word GBK word stock, 32-bit high-performance ARM CPU, Fujitsu printing machine precision. Widely used in supermarket, restaurant, medical and other industries.

label printer advantage? Introduces for you below small make up:

1, horizontal pushing type feed technology: universal stylus printer is printing drum into the paper, the shortcomings are obvious feed way, easy to curl in the paper medium, it when printing documents may cause damage to documents, and very inconvenient. Flat to push technology into the paper print strip instead of the print drum, it only ACTS as printing plate, in paper, paper feed, the paper is composed of two groups before and after the print head gear train to complete, so the feeding channel is smooth, in a paper is more convenient and quick, but the word car it can raise the accuracy requirement.

2, super autotype ability: paper printer adopted super struck the strength of the print head, strong penetrating power, when multigang printing paper can be a complete, improve work efficiency. Many models and even provide the carbon capacity of 1 + 6 layer, 7 can be clearly printed copy paper, can meet the print seven layers powerful autotype VAT invoice printing requirements.

3, perfect the paper processing capacity: paper printer mechanical system have the function of test paper border, can maximally ensure the accuracy of the various kinds of paper printing, and can deal with the special thick, thin, some high-grade paper printer have the print gap automatic adjustment function, can automatically adapt to various thickness of paper medium, and do not need to adjust the clearance, these are general of stylus printer can not reach.

4, print faster: the printer to print speed is slow, generally under the different way of printing, of course, the printing speed is different also, the general way of printing are: Chinese, western, high speed, density and so on, general 24 beard needle printers in Chinese under the way of high speed, the printing speed is controlled in 150 words per second, paper printer adopts the frequency of needle higher printing head, in Chinese high speed under the way of the printing speed is controlled in 180 words per second, can meet the demand of large, fast printing window industry.

module integration design, make the maintenance more convenient to realize the power board and main board module integration structure design, make the internal structure of the be clear at a glance, remove the simple and efficient; Users in the cell phone battery, maintenance as the core parts of the printer will greatly increase the later maintenance is convenient, efficient, not only save time and effort, and compared with the same industry of the whole machine repair, more save transport costs.

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