Paper printer used in the industries of food and beverage service to pay attention to? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-04
Paper printers in China, and even the world even POS industry has been in the identity and status, as a paper printer manufacturers, which means that on the cause of the responsibilities and obligations. According to the needs of the catering business process management and service marketing, at the front desk after printing, print kitchen link, the configuration of professional thermal label printer series of products, to solve the current catering enterprises of the most difficult problems in practical application. Then the paper printer used in food and beverage service industry should pay attention to? 1. Network signal interruption, power outages, in the paper, the single, wrong print lost phenomenon seriously; 2. Is the environment humid. Kitchen after using the environment more steam, soot, often have water droplets, oil drops splashed down to the printer, easy cause circuit boards such as short circuit fault; 3. Noisy environment. Kitchen environment after the item and the sound source is more, this to the cook found in time to bring certain obstacles. If there is no special measures, the chef can only rely on frequent check printer to single situation, not only increase the already very busy cook the intensity of labor, and, more importantly, will cause the service delay and reduce the customer's satisfaction. In addition, the use of traditional way, wiring distance, communication interference is serious. Catering system generally adopts the centralized control manner, control server from the center to the peripheral communication distance between ranging from tens of meters to hundreds of meters, running environment is more complex, and static electricity, electromagnetic induction and other factors on the communication interference is large, light person caused by wrong single or lost, the person that weigh even might damage the host and a peripheral interface. For the above application, recommend the front desk after printing, hutch printing solution. At the front desk, thermal paper printer configuration, this series of products have been in the dealer's excess silver system successful application, consumption, suitable for catering the foreground points menu listing has quick speed, easy to use, easy maintenance, etc. In the kitchen, in view of the complex environment of the kitchen, emphatically recommended professional waterproof properties, such as lost and have sound and light hint from single features of products and application solutions, to respond effectively to the kitchen environment the erosion of equipment such as water, oil, and at the same time avoid the lost single, wrong. According to water droplets, oil droplets from entering the printer problem, the design before the professional waterproof paper printers, paper USES the front-end mode, cover is fully enclosed design. Against the noisy, busy kitchen environment, developed a special printing hint equipment. The equipment is connected to the printer for coffers interface, can be directly controlled instruction is driven by money. On the prompt, with a variety of sound and lighting mode, set up can be very effectively to the chef to remind. Its power built-in paper printers, and there is no external power supply cord, compared to the line before clutter exposed traditional printers, saved a space effectively, make the restaurant at the front desk clean and tidy, safe, and avoid the unnecessary space due to the increased equipment waste and safety hidden trouble.
Collectively, the effect of bluetooth thermal label printer on industrial society has been to eliminate 58mm thermal receipt printer and drastically reduce the time long associated with 58mm pos printer.
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is something that has been around for a few decades now, enjoying it's heyday back in the ethernet receipt printer.
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