Paper printing technology _ printing devices used in the printer

by:Xprinter     2023-08-23
Paper printer as different from common office laser printer, in fact, has been widely used in many occasions, such as shopping malls supermarkets to print receipts, invoices, and the print the VAT invoice for the company's financial printer, etc. , there are a lot of USES: such as the traffic police at the scene of a ticket with portable paper printers, financial check printer. Paper printers, thermal transfer printing technology used in the printing, thermal transfer printing technology combines the characteristics of the needle and the advantages of thermal, faster, and the effect is better, but because of its complexity, the mechanism not only printer is more expensive, and maintenance costs are high, at present is mainly used to print the ticket. Needle type printing: printing technology has the advantage that can be used without carbon carbon duplex printing and paper, if you use good ribbon, fade slowly, the disadvantage is that the printing speed is slow, noise big, poor printing effect, high maintenance costs. Many occasions require copying, especially in financial areas, such as print bill of value added tax, express, and so on. Thermal printing technology: thermal printing technology has the advantage of printing speed, print effect is good, low maintenance cost, the disadvantage is that if you use the general thermal printing paper, printing fade quickly, but if you use the long-term thermal paper, handwriting can be stored for a long time, the thermal paper is 10 ~ 15 years is more common. On many occasions is gradually instead of stylus printer.
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