Parsing store receipts printer common problem _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-05-25
Below let small make up to analytical store receipts printer common problems for you. A serial port printer league chance to print the code? Answer: hold rate set by the PC host, wave is consistent with the printer will not print the code. Self-inspection of stylus printer to print the code or the red light flash? Answer: such as printer with a ribbon, print abnormalities may be the ribbon is too tight, please replace the ribbon; Printer doesn't open the box? A: please check whether the printer cashbox cashbox connection interface specification, if meet and coffers connection is correct, please send the specified health maintenance. Disorderly printer paper? Answer: the movement sensor is too dirty, please clean with a soft brush sensor, if still can't check after cleaning paper; Please send specified health maintenance. The printer with a period of time, online printing the code? A: the printer interface board is damaged, please replace the communication interface board or send specified health maintenance. The indicator lights on the control panel is not bright? A: check the power cord is properly inserted into the printer, power adapter, and power socket, check that the printer power switch is on, if these works, please send the specified health maintenance. Pin type print on how to use the black calibration? A: will the printer ( At the bottom) DIP switch SW - One set to ON, the paper typed black label is located in the front (ON the right side Optional typed black label is located at the front left) Stylus printer is sound, but there is no print? A: ribbon box installation is not correct, please correct installation foil boxes, such as ribbon has wear and tear, please replace the new ribbon box. Stylus printer to print Chinese characters fuzzy? A: will the DIP switch SW - at the bottom of the printer 3 set to ON or adjust the machine core H lines. Pin type series printers print servers connected to the Internet, is supported? A: needle series printers support print servers connected to the Internet. GP series printer supported languages have? Answer: GP series printers have simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and 21 international language fonts. Printer to print after a period of time, the red light flashing ( There are printing paper) 吗? Answer: may be the print head overheat, if print after a period of time can't normal print, is the print head temperature is exorbitant, otherwise specified health maintenance. How to install a network share a printer driver? Answer: enter the neighbor online, on a Shared printer computer find the Shared printer, double-click the printer driver installation to the local printing. GP - More than 7646 Ⅲ Ethernet interface print machine used at the same time, sometimes can't print communication interrupt, how to troubleshoot? A: first of all, please check the printer connection network is stable, then each printer boot self-checking, check printer Ethernet ID for repeated conflicts, if there are any repeat conflict, please use the printer at random with CD Ethernet interface of the printer tool change Ethernet ID number, so that each printer Ethernet ID number only. 15. Cardboard or paper detected, but can't feed? A: feed mouth have a paper jam, can clear the following: SMP2000II movement: use the screwdriver into the paper beside the mouth two screws turn on plastic stent, carefully remove the plastic bracket, clean up the paper scraps with forceps; DP330 movement: use the screwdriver into the paper support the two screws on the twist to open, carefully remove the metal stents, clean up the paper scraps with forceps; M - U110II movement: press printed baffle can be directly on the direction of arrow take out the plastic bracket carefully, clean up the paper scraps with forceps. 16. The printer doesn't carefully into the water, what should I do? Answer: should immediately shut off the power, hair dryer are available, and then blow dry the mainboard and movement and so on various parts, pay attention to the temperature is too high, the normal temperature of 50 ℃ or so.
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