Receipts printer problem printing devices failure and maintenance of _

by:Xprinter     2020-06-23
When using POS receipts printing system crash, no response the status of the reference solution: if the client computer did not use POS system should be in the configuration ( Also there is small notes configuration) Set don't choose POS equipment, otherwise will appear the phenomenon of crash when printing. Set up in the single retail pos printing format how to save or move this format? Reference solution: under the client's data folder pos printer configuration. Dat file is copied to the other directory or other computers. One thousand 506 monomer at the front desk, install one thousand party hundreds foreground POS version, the installation after the open software, can appear the POS restart the phenomenon? ( Hisense 3000 pos) Reference solution: at present, the pos machine support for 2000 is not very good, recommend customers to use 98 operating system. Pos receipts to print the code ( The basic solution are similar to ordinary printer) Tip when using small notes printed communication port has been occupied or damage to the reference solution: the main reason is the problem of port Settings, or there are other equipment takes up the port, or the port in the COMS are blocked, as long as to open the can, then there is no parallel originally, such as notebook computer, but when set to choose the LPT1 port, print is likely to change the port ( To not) Tip: when using small notes printing & lsquo; Error print file & rsquo; 。 5. 0 version series, receipts print preview and print later only? Reference solution: print receipts, data is passed to directly for printing in the ordinary course of the printer, in other words, but not directly to send data to set up pos printer pos printing process. Only through the print manager custom editorial pos print setup rear can print, if this computer is only installed receipts printer driver is not enough, also install a generic printer driver to normal. 5. 0. 0. 108 version, can't print in the retail order and return POS receipts, have set up POS equipment. Epson TM - U300A receipts printers can't open the box, the box without brand. How much is the reference solution: look at the box fell. EPSON like support only 12 v. Why small notes printed font small reference solution: ask whether the customer is using a tp - first Pos58 ticket printer ( Are generally) , a printer driver has a problem, in other software can be normal print is because of the small print provides special support. Now we are doing new print manager to support this receipt printer. The use of tp - retail list Pos58 receipt printers, paper typed documents go too much reference solution: the latest 9 with customer service. Print receipts when click start printing after print manager, but they could not print out the data. Reference solution: use the latest v9. Receipts line escapement problem printing. Reference solution: for example the print receipt number, document number: print one line alone, which, after the start a new line of text and because of the development program, receipts punctuation in the format adopted Chinese punctuation ( Including brackets, colon) How to complete in the receipts to print shows a longer name of commodity? Reference solution: use the latest print manager, in the Custom edit 】 ,【 Report properties set 】 Selected in the Allow the pos printing 】 And then in the Pos printer setup 】 Put the name of commodity separate line. Receipts to print without reaction or prompt printer power did not pick up good reference solution: such as pick up the box, please check whether the coffers of port choice in line with the printer port. Retail single use receipts to print, print out the receipts in the content after the show will stay below a lot of blank lines, waste paper. Reference solution: adjust the allocation of retail single receipts and paper feed lines. Different ticket printer when printing the effective content, there are some paper into the printer in the, in order to facilitate tearing, must set aside a certain number of blank lines set the feeding lines. If a large number of blank lines, namely the need to reduce the feeding lines.
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