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by:Xprinter     2020-06-25

the non-drying label printer which brand is good? From different point of view, a different choice. The non-drying label printer from the listed until now has been relatively mature, the price decline in the trend of the non-drying label printers, so the non-drying label printer has also started to gradually popularization, in foreign countries, almost all of the production units are equipped with a label printers, label is applied to the product identification, etc. , and most companies have a tag reader ( The SCANNER) And the label data collector ( Counting machine) Printer accessories, such as the formation of the company's internal management label management automation management mode. Now, we are here a brief introduction of the non-drying label printer.

in general, the non-drying label printer type is mainly divided into commercial and industrial two;

business model for the office, small factory, jewelry industry such as the relatively small print runs, perform a day use within 2000. Business model adopted by the mechanical structure of the main label adhesive label printer is given priority to with plastic components, there are considerable advantages in price, email, it can be said that the three points is all the time in the printer, there are some major domestic brands and scattered, respectively.

the non-drying label printer mainstream brand

in the western developed countries, the label has a long development course, application technology and Japan enterprise as the first to get access to the technology and brand advantage obviously, so for a long time, these countries almost monopolied the non-drying label printer markets around the world. Here I suggest you choose the non-drying label printer from the following several aspects. Methods/steps

a, according to the daily perform a situation of different levels of choose and buy the non-drying label printers

first of all, a day of perform, directly determines what level of choose and buy the non-drying label printer. The non-drying label printers, generally divided into commercial and industrial grade two. Established in the industry, perform at about 3000400 copies every day or the following users, commercial printer is enough; Perform more than 5000 copies a day, and it is regular continuous printing, suggest using industrial printer.

there are also many users due to limited budget, clearly perform a large, chose the commercial printer, met some good brand product performance, also can stick to, but it damaged on the printer itself is very large. There is a word called a small cart, or too soon, so use the printer, will shorten the service life of the printer, and commercial printers print speed than the industrial-grade, if meets the product failure, these are all very affect work efficiency.

should be clear understanding of mechanical design, product positioning, the internal structure, hardware configuration can design according to product positioning, the non-drying label printers, divided into commercial and industrial level, absolutely not clap head, in the research and design of the machine, also is to use the environment and needs to do for the user.

2, according to the printing accuracy, the width of the precision requirements of choose and buy the non-drying label printers, the non-drying label printers are divided into: 203 dpi, 300 dpi, these three pictures of 600 dpi. DPI is Dots Per Inch ( Print points per inch) The abbreviation of, is the resolution of the printer unit, namely, can print on the number of branches per inch. This is to measure the non-drying label printer to print one of the main parameters of accuracy, generally speaking, the value is, the greater the show that the printer to print, the higher the resolution, the better. At present domestic common 203 dpi, 300 dpi precision printing, but in some very fine print bar code, or the small size of the font and graphics, also can see 600 dpi.

of course, the needs of users of different industries, similar to the jewelry industry, garment industry, brand business, they have a very high fine degree requirements for labels, in addition to label design exquisite, the printer choice also demanding precision, in addition to this, some components, high-end electronic products also need to paste on the high definition tag label, these customers will usually choose the non-drying label printer 600 dpi. Print accuracy also determines the cost and price of the printer, the printer price of 600 dpi in the market at present basically in ten thousand yuan, the price is more expensive, basically each brand industrial printer will be 600 dpi models of printers, considering printing precision, printing speed, perform and price, recommend booz G6000, 600 dpi high-resolution and high precision printing, the printing speed and perform in accordance with the requirements of industrial product design, the fuselage structure of plastic, high cost performance.

in addition to the print accuracy should be considered in the choose and buy, also need to pay attention to print label width. Generally the non-drying label printers print width of 2 inches respectively, 3 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches. Wider if need to print labels, should choose wide the non-drying label printers, usually wide the non-drying label printer to print width of 8 ', 10 'two respectively.

3, choose according to use environment collocation of different shapes, color self-adhesive label printer

product appearance, size, color, and the attention of many users when buying elements. Many users not only attaches importance to product functional, but also hope they have fashionable appearance, size is suitable for the position, need to put as far as possible with the integral style of the use environment bring out the best in each other, let the operator when using feast for the eyes, more convenient.

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