The classification of the micro printer docket _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-12
Miniature receipts printers are widely used in various industries, such as instruments and meters, supermarkets, convenience stores, postal, banking, tobacco monopoly, utility meter reading, mobile police system, mobile e-government system and so on. Now there are a lot of micro printer, each have their own scope of application. Micro printer contains a lot of kinds, now for the micro printer concept is fuzzy, classification is not clear. We don't talk about the miniature printer module here, only talk about the micro printer as a finished product. First here do some rough classification: from use classification: the special micro printer, general micro printer. The special micro printer refers to the micro printer for special purposes, such as playing, professional bar code micro professional micro playing CARDS and so on, these micro play usually need professional software or drivers for support, or can only form a complete set of one or more of the following special equipment can work, general micro printer using range is wide, can support a variety of printing equipment, many of the so-called printer is part of a general micro printer. From the print pattern classification: pin type micro printer, thermal micro printer, thermal transfer the micro printer, etc. Needle decay by way of printing is printing the impact ribbon ribbon printing ink printing on printing paper, thermal heating of the way is to use make the thermal medium and color coating on the printing paper, thermal transfer is carried carbon carbon powder by means of heating the carbon powder on the printing paper, now in addition to ticket barcode printers and printer, domestic use rarely in other fields, there are tiny font printer, the printer multi-purpose in a taxi. From the data transmission way classification: wireless micro printer and micro printer cable. Wireless micro is using infrared or bluetooth technology in data communication, micro play cable data communication via the serial or parallel way, of course, usually play with wireless micro serial or parallel port, you can through the way of the cable for data communications.
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