The first industrial encyclopedia '3 d printing' and its impact on China's industrial _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-05-07

3 d printer can print out the real 3 d object of a device. Is called it a printer, because it with normal printer works basically the same, just different printing material, ordinary printer to print material is ink and paper, printing is the design of computer graphic objects, while in the 3 d printer is equipped with different printing materials such as metals, ceramics, plastics, is real raw material, after connect with computer, printer controlled by computer, can put the printing material, one layer upon layer overlay final print, for example, a robot, a toy car, model, or even food.

3 d printing on manufacturing industry has brought a lot of well-being, such as the launch of a new product, you have to pay the principal of water production, and 3 d printing, can spend money to make a small batch samples first, test the market reflect! The technology has been applied to the dentist, jewelry, medical and other industries, is a wonderful artical excelling nature!

hey, 3 d printing knowledge, you get here?

that get to the point, the arrival of the 3 d printing technology, which influence to global and Chinese industry?

3 d printing is a representative of the digital manufacturing technology, is considered by Chinese new industry B2B media for the first network is the key factor for third industrial revolution & ndash; — It will rewrite the manufacturing production mode, can make a big difference to the operation mode of the industrial chain. For example, it will greatly reduce the workers engaged in the operation of the production, labor cost down; At the same time, it can create more personalized and low-cost products, especially to meet the needs of small batch production, i. e. , 3 d printing brought consumer between mass production and customization for the freedom of choice! And do not need mould 3 d printing, compared with the traditional manufacturing technology, which save the cost of the mold manufacturing; Moreover, 3 d printing can be directly to prototype sample manufacturing, it greatly shortened the time from the drawings to the physical, any complex shape parts, can be decomposed into a series of 2 d manufacturing of overlay, cool! In addition, compared with the traditional manufacturing process, 3 d printing is amazing on the utilization rate of materials, with low loss.

3 d printing is a powerful and surging wave of technology, it will change the industrial production methods and even the strength of the pattern between countries. According to McKinsey report, in this era of new technology manufacturing back to developed countries, developing countries human resources advantage, scale economy and logistics advantages will gradually disappear. In the future in developed countries may continue to reduce the amount of product manufacturing, but will continue to increase in value.

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