The non-drying label printing equipment problems at material and application of how to classify _

by:Xprinter     2023-08-30
The non-drying label materials and application of how to classify? The below small make up a simple introduce for you. Surface material: offset paper, coated art paper ( Blind/mirror) , transparent PVC, static PVC, polyester, laser paper, thermal paper, PET, PP, PC, kraft paper, fluorescent paper, thermal paper, gold-plated copper wire, silver dragon, dragon paper, silver paper, synthetic paper ( CPC/PP/HYL/optimal toughening paper/pearl paper) , aluminum foil, fragile, Anti-counterfeiting) Paper, crepe paper, woven lable ( Tyvek/nylon) , pearl dragon, sandwich copperplate paper, thermal paper. Offset paper sticker label: choose 80 g/m2 quantitative surface material of multi-purpose label paper, offset paper do for information label, bar code printing label, especially suitable for high speed laser printing, also suitable for inkjet printing. Using film categories: transparent PET PET transparent OPP transparent OPP transparent PVC translucent with white PVC matte white PVC synthetic paper has light gold ( The silver) Polyester matt gold ( The silver) Polyester. Use glue type: general type super glue, general strong adhesive, strong glue to preserve food, common to uncover, fiber type and open type. Use the bottom paper: white, blue, Huang Ge rahim glassine paper ( Or next paper onion) Kraft paper, PET PET coated PE polyethylene. Decoration materials: give priority to with film, mainly used for decorative decal on the automobile, motorcycle, trademark logo text on the window, reflective film on the highway, the mark in the container, etc. Trademark materials: give priority to with paper and film, according to the range of application is divided into basic tag and variable information. Based tags: food and beverage, chemical products, medicine, office supplies, toys, shampoo, electrical appliances, sanitary products and other goods with the tag. Variable information tags: batch number, order code, bar code, production date, the period of validity, price, mailing process information processing, distribution, warehouse management, inventory data, and so on.
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