The non-drying label printing with ink printing devices need to pay attention to what _

by:Xprinter     2020-07-20
The non-drying label printing with ink need to pay attention to what? The below small make up to tell you. 1: at the time of use, best can in the base of color overprint, gradually increase the ink viscosity and gradually improve the ink PH methods to help dry ink, also prevent after printing ink color ink have dried turned muddy; 2: when the non-drying label printing, ink fountain to keep a certain amount of ink, so as to realize the normal transport ink printing, so it will inevitably exist a certain quantity of ink, and residual ink also don't continue to use, it is likely to cause waste and increase the production cost; 3: due to the nature of the water-based ink is liquid, compared to offset printing, letterpress printing ink, its most prone to delamination or precipitation phenomenon, therefore, when using or sampling, ink should be fully stir well before put into use, in order to ensure the stability of the printing color quality; 4: ink viscosity must be according to the printing speed for sure, to know the printing ink has the characteristics of thixotropy, when used according to the area of the plate and the use of viscosity is determined by the speed when printing; 5: use the old ink, it is best to use more than 80 mesh filter to filter out the impurity before using, in order to prevent the stickers trademark printing quality failure.
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