The portable printer maintenance knowledge _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-07-04

portable printers

generally available battery carry use

has small

light weight

the characteristics of convenient pocket

portable printer maintenance note

s please use the original factory is equipped with power supply and cable, otherwise may cause permanent damage to the printer.

s paper roll, please use to meet the requirements, Such as the thickness of the paper, width, etc. ) , please clean the printer regularly, pay attention to the movement thermal sheet if there is dirt, such as welcome alcohol with a clean cotton cloth wipe gently, so as not to affect printing.

s, please don't choose paper glue on the paper shaft at the end of the paper roll, otherwise this printer paper feed will not be able to measure the end of paper roll correctly, and when they walk on paper for printer head and motherboard damage.

please pay attention to avoid the above three points, the portable printers can better service for you. As a good printer manufacturers, jia bo science and technology research and development of portable printers have been gradually, PT - 260/280,PT - 380 and other products by customers also like it, are widely used in all walks of life, and good for honour, also always holds on to the idea of goodness hope for more users to provide better products and services.

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