The use of bar code printer and matters needing attention _ printing devices safety problems

by:Xprinter     2023-08-26

bar code printer belongs to office supplies, one of consumables. The correct barcode printers use effectively extend the service life of it oh, provided by the below small make up, the use of bar code printer safety and precautions: 1. Bar code printer work may interfere with the radio, television and other communications products, so please remove these products in order to avoid signal interference; 2. Please place the bar code printer in level, strong desktop or in the plane; 3. Bar code printer should be far away from the damp places, there is water, high temperature; 4. Please refer to the barcode printer of the specifications of the rear panel label, to make sure you are using the power specifications are correct, it is important to determine the power supply voltage switch ( 110 v / 230 v) And your area of the power supply voltage, otherwise it will cause the machine won't function properly or burnt; 5. When the machine is connected to the power supply, please do not open the case; 6. Bar code printer not to tear open outfit, otherwise you will lose the warranty and cause damage; 7. Before cleaning bar code printer, please cut off the power of the bar code printer, do not use liquid or spray cleaners clean bar code printers, please gently wipe with a soft cloth or cotton bar code printer. 8. Don't use bar code printer in room temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius, otherwise it will damage the barcode printer; 9. Bar code printer surrounding ventilation should avoid to be blocked, affect sexual heat; 10. Bar code printer power cord should be on proper safety, power supply cord logo can load voltage and current should be greater than the printer identified voltage and current; 11. Don't put any liquid drip into the printer of the cooling hole, lest cause fire or short circuit. 12. Bar code printer should be disconnected when the bar code printer and often do not use the connection to the host and the power cord, lest the instantaneous overload voltage damage the bar code printer.

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