There are two kinds of paper printers print speed calculation method _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-16
There are two kinds of calculation method about the printing speed. One is from the beginning to print the last page to print complete occupied time to calculate; Again is a multitasking environment, obtained from a print command to the computer control ( Other operations can be), The time required to calculate. Which can be used to upgrade the computer class, supplemented by high version of the application software, shorten the time in order to improve the output speed data transmission. There are two kinds of paper printers print speed calculation method, the following to analyze together: laser printer on the market at present, common products printing speed can reach 35 PPM, and the high price, the good brand laser printer to print speed can be higher. For black and white laser printer, print speed and print the contents of the coverage has nothing to do, and nominal printing speed is based on the quality of its standard pattern, under the nominal speed of print quality can meet the demand of users. For color laser printer, print graphics and text printer to print speed is different, so the manufacturer in the technical index of the products we use two black and white and color printing speed. In addition to the above factors, the laser printer's final print speed may also be affected by other factors, than the laser printer preheating time, interface transmission speed, memory size of the laser printer, control language, laser printer driver and computer CPU performance, etc. , can affect the laser printer to print speed. Printing speed identification of stylus printer and inkjet printer, laser printer, not with PPM, but use words per second, and some high-end products, For IBM products) Tend to use to identify the line/point. This logo is also be clear at a glance, in unit time to print the number of characters or the more lines, then the printer will be fast. But it is important to note that the words/SEC to identify products, if products do not make special note refers to the English character, it is a standard size 5, but some products will be another logo printing speed of Chinese characters, size is also a standard 5 words. If print is greater than 5 characters, then print the number of characters in the unit time will reduce.
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