Thermal paper: do you have common not pay attention to the printer supplies _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-06-26
Summary for many young people in cities, because of its working pressure is bigger, need to spend more time and energy to study and work. For lunch this matter all choose to delivery. When we received your after dinner, the businessman will provide a note about meal order details and price information. A lot of people in a hurry after lunch, together with the packing a lunch to the trash. For this, we often see seldom care about hiding things are a lot of knowledge about, today we have this simple little note is something everyone are very concerned about the problem. Problem a: these orders of paper exactly is what things? These orders for paper, thermal paper, in the life the size of the common general 57 mm and 80 mm wide, both generally applied to 57 mm wide mobile POS or supermarket cashier, 80 mm wide application in the food and beverage, and other orders to print. The thickness of the paper is the same as the measuring method of A4 paper, and the weight in grams per square metre to represent the thickness of the paper, the thickness of the commonly used is also has a lot of, such as 55 g / ㎡, 65 g / ㎡, and so on. The diagram below 65 g / ㎡ a roll of thermal paper, thermal paper the total length of about 30 meters. Problem two: thermal paper is common in your life? Actually these paper not only application delivery order, we go to the supermarket to buy things printed shopping receipts, express to stick on the packaging of electronic surface of the sheet of paper, bank ATM machine to withdraw money withdrawal slip is printed by thermal paper. Some positive than smooth on the back of the papers, it is also a way to distinguish between positive and negative. In addition, some of the supermarket will directly on the printed on the back some preferential information, this type of thermal paper is thicker. Question 3: how to display text is thermal paper? Thermal paper according to the paper the properties of each layer of the chemical, is divided into three layers. The bottom layer of the base paper, plain paper on certain after surface treatment, in case of heat sensitive material attached. The second is the thermal coating. This layer is the collection of all kinds of chemicals, after heated for color. The third layer is a protective layer, to protect the text or pattern is not destroyed by the outside world. Thermal layer mainly consists of three kinds of chemical composition, colorless dye, chromogenic agent, adhesive of the three. In normal room temperature, these three components not happen chemical reaction, but the thermal paper meet hot print head, at that time, will and colorless dye chromogenic agent produces chemical reaction, and then presents the text information such as we see. These text messages, depending on the choice of colorless dye can present black, blue, violet wait for color, this is what we might receive in different situation different font color of the receipts. Problem four: long-term exposure to thermal paper is harmful to people? Technically, the thermal paper color is by some chemical raw materials in the upper coating material such as bisphenol A (bpa). And plain paper A4 type still have certain differences, long-term exposure to still have a certain amount of damage. In that case, we want to minimize thermal paper the harm to the body, still should choose to normal manufacturer of the product. You also need to learn to distinguish the pros and cons of thermal paper. First of all, we can be judged by observing the stand or fall of thermal paper, good thermal paper substrate layer are original wood pulp production, its thermal layer and protective layer is combined with very evenly, so the appearance smooth surface coating, surface is slightly green. A white paper is added too much bleach, this added too much bleach the thermal paper roll edge trimming will have a lot of debris. In addition, we can adopt the method of fire to test the stand or fall of thermal paper, with the flame roasting on the back of the paper, thermal paper color coating will be heated black, at that time, good thermal paper, as a result of the paper heated center and edge heating, heating, therefore, the depth change of black from center to around more and more weak. The most important thing is to look from actual printing quality, good thermal paper, clear text. Differential thermal paper, text easy is missing, is difficult to identify. Question 5: what are the advantages and disadvantages of thermal paper? Advantages: thermal paper with the thermal printer, because do not need to use the color material such as carbon belt, therefore, simply replace the thermal paper after printing paper used up, the operation is very convenient. Disadvantages: because the information such as the words on the thermal paper was produced by chemical reaction, and these chemicals are generally not very stable, so with printed receipts to save time, print the words will be more and more light. If you print the contents of the desire for it is very important to save this for a long time is not. Question 6: how to identify thermal paper? To identify the thermal paper can be used with nails in the above lines, if black nail slip of area, this paper is the thermal paper. In addition, you can use the lighter flame sped past, its positive could quickly turn black. Question 7: suitable for thermal paper printers have? Thermal printers, and these two kinds of thermal transfer barcode printer printer actually can be thermal paper printing. Thermal transfer barcode printer can not only achieve thermal paper printing, also can bring machine installation carbon, stickers printing. Of course according to the size of the thermal printer and portability is divided into a portable thermal printers and stationary thermal printers.
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