Thermal paper or POS printing paper quality identify and how to avoid the harm of _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-04-17
Due to the daily life, everyone can often come into contact with the thermal cash register paper, so have to how to identify the quality of thermal paper and POS printing paper did harm to the body more attention. The small make up to you in detail. First of all, how to identify thermal paper or pos printing paper quality? 1, appearance: if the paper is very white, explain the protective coating and thermal coating of paper is unreasonable, added too much phosphors, a good paper should be slightly green. Paper smoothness is not high or look uneven, paper coating is not even, if the paper looks the reflected light is very strong, is added too much phosphor powder, the quality is not very good. 2, fire with fire: baking method is simple, with a lighter heating on the back of the paper, if after heating, the paper is now out of brown color and specification thermal formula is not very reasonable, save the time may be more short, if the paper is on the black part with thin stripes or uneven color piece, uneven coating. Good quality paper should be dark green (after heating With a little green) And color piece, the color become weak gradually from center to around. 3, sunlight contrast identification: will print out the paper with fluorescent pen after daub on the sun, This can accelerate the thermal coating light reaction) , fastest turn black, what kind of paper that can save the shorter the time. Thermal cash register paper or POS printing paper may produce harm and prevention measures in daily life, people will inevitably come into contact with thermal paper typed or POS, so also often contact with bisphenol A. So, how to avoid the invasion of the body, bisphenol A harm reduction? 1, try to reduce the number of such receipts. 2, after contact with thermal paper bills, conditional word please wash your hands immediately, do not use alcohol cleaning fluid. Remember, do not use hand direct contact with the mouth after contact with receipts, such as contact food, eat by hand. 3, separately on the receipts and other things, prevent infected with bisphenol A composition. 4, do not put thermal paper receipts or saved to a child play. 5, and identify the paper whether it is the way it is thermal cash register paper, blow on a piece of paper with a coin, if you have any discoloration or obvious scratch, for thermal paper or POS printing paper. How to identify thermal cash register paper or POS printing paper and how to avoid the harm, everybody have?
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