Thermal print head alarm detection have what kind of? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-07-08
Thermal print head alarm detection have what kind of? Below small make up to you to explain: the print head testing mainly includes: paper detection, temperature detection for the print head and compressive bar examination. Temperature detection and paper are analog signals, need to receive on ABC into a numeric value judgment later. Compressive bar detection need only received general IO mouth or external interrupt. 1, paper mainly detected judge paper state, include: lack of paper, black label and normal. General can best support the compressive bar detection to judge together. 2, compressive bar test used to determine whether the print head pressure lever up, can detect whether open paper storehouse. 3, testing the print head and the temperature of the hot temperature detection, when the overheating temperature program moratorium on print are needed to achieve the print head protection. Compressive bar and temperature detection is very simple, it's important to note that the temperature detecting and paper, partial pressure resistance 1% accuracy of precise resistance should be adopted.
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