Thermal print head how to use and maintenance _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-04-18

but not the output equipment of all kinds of computer system, and gradually developed with the development of the host system and a series of peripheral equipment. As the core parts of the printer and the print head direct influence the printing quality.

using and maintenance of thermal print head:

1. Ordinary users don't disassembling the print head, cause unnecessary loss;

2。 Don't themselves appear in the print head bumps, must ask professional personage to deal with, otherwise it is easy to damage the print head;

3。 Often clear the printer in the dust;

4。 Try not to use thermal print, because all kinds of thermal paper the good and bad are intermingled, some rough surface, thermal paper direct contact with the print head, it is easy to damage the print head;

5。 According to perform a regular cleaning the print head. When cleaning, please bear in mind that shut down the printer power supply first, dip in with medical swabs anhydrous alcohol to clean the print head in one direction;

6。 Print head not to work long hours while manufacturers provide the biggest parameter specifies how long of continuous printing can, but as a user, when there is no need for a long time continuous printing, should let the printer to have a rest;

7。 On the premise of guarantee the quality of printing, can reduce the temperature and speed of the print head, appropriately helps to prolong the life of the print head;

8。 According to the need to choose a suitable carbon belt, belt is a little wider than the label, so it is not easy to wear and tear on the print head, and carbon contact print head with one side coated with silicone oil, also can protect the print head, but do not use for cheap and low-quality carbon belt, because inferior side may contact print head with carbon coated with other substances or residual with other substances, can corrode the print head or other damage to print head;

9。 In wet areas or printers, paying special attention to the print head is used to maintain room, long time no printer should check before starting the print head, rubber roller and surface material is abnormal, if you have any other attachments please don't be affected with damp be affected with damp or boot, the print head and rubber roller available medical cotton dips in anhydrous alcohol cleaning, material abnormal best replacement.

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