Thermal printer malfunction analysis _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-05

here are the small make up to tell you what are the breakdown when thermal printer? Printer fuzzy or row

1. Check with specified power supply power supply is the manufacturer.

2。 Is in line with the requirements of the paper.

3。 Specific can see article 5 below the print head cleaning method, detailed operation please refer to the product specification.

4。 If malfunction cannot, could be the thermal head or main board, please contact the sales company after-sales department repair. Printers can't online

1. First check to see if the printer connected to the power, indicator light display is correct.

2。 If confirmed the host interface and cable no problem, please contact the sales company after-sales department maintenance. Printers in the process of printing stop

1. A printer connected to the host whether cable is loose.

2。 Note: this kind of failure to head to a safe temperature can return to normal after printing.

3。 Can be in accordance with the printer lights flashing is controlled printer specification to find fault. Printers use note

1. Before using the printer, please do not use a printer connected to the power supply first, should first to check the printer.

2。 Must use the specified power supply, otherwise may cause permanent damage to the printer.

3。 When the printer paperless, don't walk press go paper make the printer paper, otherwise it may damage the print head or motherboard.

4。 Replace the paper roll, please pay attention to whether have confetti on the nose, such as welcome gently away, lest affect printing.

5。 Don't of printer mechanism, add lubricating oil, otherwise it will make the printer will not print properly.

6。 Please do not put the printer in the wet or dusty environment, otherwise it will reduce printer motherboard oxidation using life.

7。 As far as possible not to foreign bodies fall inside the printer, in order to avoid the printer doesn't work, reduce the loss.

8。 When there is a strange odor or to wait for a circumstance, please immediately turn off the printer power supply, otherwise it may cause fire or other unexpected losses. Thermal printer head cleaning method

note: stay thermal head piece ling but thoroughly before the print head cleaning, otherwise may be due to the head piece balance and make the head piece break.

1。 Ensure the power supply before cleaning thermal head piece has been turned off, and the power cable and communication cable have been plucked.

2。 Remove the printer cover-plate, to raise the nose of the lifting rod, remove the paper.

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