TSC barcode printers, common failures and solutions to a problem 2 _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-06-20
Always undetectable when printer in the print paper reasons: 1) Sensor (2) Barcode label paper. Solution: replace another barcode label paper printing, look to whether normal, if normal, print a few protracted war in just can't measure up to the label of paper, to measure the paper to print. Such as is not normal, first clean the dirt on the surface of the sensor, if not only replace the sensor test paper again. When the printing is clear, while the fuzzy reason: printer pressure imbalance. The solution: the print head screw knob are adjustable pressure, the print is not clear that one side pressure adjustable bigger is ok. In addition some machines with only one screw knob adjustment, but can move freely, then put it into is not clear that a move to increase pressure with respect to OK. Ribbon hair wrinkle reason: printer when you print on both sides of unbalanced pressure or pressure is too great. Solution: adjust the screw button to reduce the pressure and adjust to the pressure balance on both sides. Printers used after a period of time, when the total slants upwards or downwards partial label content, with the new machine to print properly. Reason: the printer is used long, sensor error. Solution: according to the specific migration situation, the appropriate adjust the sensor position up and down. Printer a boot 3 display lamp light at the same time, could not be printed: motherboard chip damage. Label revised always saved, according to save there is a warning dialog box, according to the software after shut down. Reason: the user modify directly on the label changes caused by wrong operation. Solution: when a change is in the correct way of modifying modify or double-click to modify content, you write when the original layout dialog box on the modification, do not allow directly in the label on modification. This modified is back to normal. Printer paper is not normal, after only half zhang, to print a red light ( The machine) Reason: the printer parameter setting error. Solution: to Z4M machine as an example. Click the start menu -> Settings -> printer to choose Z4M machine, right click -> properties -> printing preferences -> document Option to Dispense Mode, choose to Tear Off with respect to OK. All lights flashing when the printer in the print does not test paper ( The machine) Reason: the sensor fault. The solution: cleaning the surface of the sensor dust or replace the sensor. Printers in the small label will not reach the designated position, print the content of partial or total up to partial reason: label is too small, sensors are difficult to sensor to the paper. Solution: general label high at least more than 10 more than just good positioning, otherwise will be to offset Settings TAB. In the tag set, the label set to higher than the actual label tall a 5 mm or so, and then according to the specific migration situation to offset Settings TAB. Print when the font is clear, the barcode is not clear why: bar code content is too much, the density is too small. The solution: shorten the barcode content or increasing the density. For 200 dpi and 300 dpi machine, bar code density generally want to be in more than 7 mils to scaling factor to 2 or more than 2, print out the barcode is clear. When printing labels, always some words to print out the reason: the print head is dirty, the layout is wrong. The solution: cleaning the print head; In addition whether in typesetting to overlap the printed word, recomposition. Printer is always displayed when printing out of paper or take reason: no carbon paper finished or carbon belt is wrong; Sent wrong operation command. Solution: check paper or carbon belt is correct; Parameters set on the machine, then use printing software for printing after the correct layout Settings. Print is not clear when printed, ribbon is broken. Reason: printer carbon belt shaft failure. Solution: carbon belt machine shaft tension is too tight, adjust printer carbon belt shaft under tension. New files can be normal print, but can't open the old file, unable to print. Reason: network printing, permissions error. Solution: print, whether on the Internet has opened this file, if you open, must first turn off can be opened on another computer. Then detect network access problems. Print content when the print is not completely. Reason: printing software and driver version is too low. Solution: install the new version of the software and drivers. Cannot undertake typesetting printing software. Reason: the software not installed or computer problems. The solution: to install the software, if not yet, may be computer got a virus and anti-virus, please. Not again, please reinstall the operating system. The printer shortly after boot, three lamp goes out, can't print. Reason: printer capacitance. Solution: need to replace the capacitor. In the process of printing, print out the content and the actual content of different size. Reason: the print driver error. Solution: select the correct printer driver. Beside appear black lines in the printing process. Reason: the print head no good. Solution: adjust the print entered the screw. Printer RaoQi did not turn back: set wrong. Solution: set printer setup RaoQi back a variety of Settings, if not, may be a motherboard problem, need to repair. Often appear when printed paper jumping reasons: print setup error. Solution: in the paper size and spacing is correct, change the BMP format printing to PCX format for printing. In the process of machine paper feed, a sound reason: gear machines memory not clear or bad. Solution: to clear the memory of the machine or change gear.
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