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by:Xprinter     2020-06-21
Summary introduction: China is a country the invention of paper-making technique, then the Chinese people have invented the past relatively simple printer, in such a technologically backward society, the Chinese wisdom is infinite, as a Chinese, really proud. Now the rapid social development, rapid changes have taken place in our life. With the development of the society, now that the technology is very developed. Also for the development of science and technology of people's lives become convenient and colorful, in various fields because of the development of science and technology also get rapid development. Barcode machine is different from other printer, let below small make up to you to introduce bar code machine related, and how to use the barcode machine. Bar code machine is a kind of special printer. Bar code printers, and the biggest difference is that of ordinary printers, bar code printer to print is based on the thermal, carbon belt for print media ( Or directly use the thermal paper) Complete printing, the printing way one of the biggest advantages compared with common print approach is that it can be realized in the case of unattended continuous high-speed printing. Print the contents of it is for the enterprise brand identity and the serial number identification, packaging, bar code identification, envelopes, labels, clothing tag, etc. Bar code machine using 1, do not in high temperature, high temperature and serious pollution place using barcode printer to print label. 2, bar code machine should be installed in a secure place, avoid the barcode machine in the vibration and shock. 3, in order to guarantee the print quality and the service life of product, it is recommended to use or recommended by the same quality of label paper, ribbon. 4, connect the power adapter for the printer to a properly grounded outlet, to avoid large motor or other devices that can lead to the power supply voltage fluctuation to use the same socket. 5, user shall not remove the bar code printer host/repair or reconstruction. 6, when use after a period of time, should clear use industrial alcohol to wipe the thermal print head. 7, if you don't use placed a long time, please disconnect the power of the printer power adapter. 8, avoid water or conductive material ( For example: metal) Into the printer, once occurred, should immediately shut off the power. 9, power adapter, preferably using a random distribution of the power adapter. 10, when pull plug cable, please make sure the barcode machine power switch is turned off. Bar code machine maintenance of 1. Barcode machine sensor cleaning: the main purpose is to let the machine normal operation to grab the spacing and the detection of paper carbon with safety, etc. , if long time not for cleaning and maintenance, the sensor will deposit scattered in the dust in the air, long after the sensor light feeling coverage to a certain degree, the machine will have fault action produced, so please use air pressure bottle does not contain any ingredients, the amount of the spray mop to machine work environment to judge. 2. Barcode printer paper carbon belt path and each joint lubrication and cleaning and maintenance: to install the path of the paper and carbon with dry clean, do make paper and carbon belt will be able to operate more smoothly, in all can view on rotational joints or roll and clean attached in the above product, with every part of lubricating oil ( In about three months, to do a maintenance) 。 Recycling of carbon belt shaft and shaft installation maintenance after each axis force needed to adjust, in order to prevent the crinkle happens, such as the customer is not recommended to do the cleaning and maintenance. 3. Bar code print head cleaning: the leading and regular maintenance, will first cotton with a small amount of alcohol, will play with one-way printhead plus hotline, wipe the printing head to be wiped by the number of times to touch the printhead carbon powder is wiped clean, after repeated confirmation to wipe twice. How to install 1 barcode machine. Label paper installation open the printer cover, paper storehouse. Take out the paper roll frame, the left rear right set of paper rolls into the paper roll, the roll bracket together with the paper roll back paper storehouse. Paper roll to the left side will be neat, the baffle on the bracket by tight rolls to the left. Open the print head module, one hand hold the print head touched the group from falling, the label through the print head touch group, another hand pull TAB from the device boot labels, labels through the upper roller. Close down the print head touch group, until I heard a loud crack. On the top, open the power switch, if the printer power supply has been switched on, press the FEED button directly. 2. Carbon belt installation open the printer cover, paper storehouse, press the release button on either side of the printer, open the print head touch group, open up the print head touch group show carbon belt, unpack carbon belt, remove carbon belt and empty core winding, connect the barcode carbon with front end a few empty core winding. Take carbon belt installed to the supply side ( First card left in the pressure into the right side) And shut the print head touch group in the empty roll core in carbon recycling end ( First card left in the pressure into the right side) 。 Turn the print head touched the group left side gear, determine the carbon coil tightly, downward pressure on both sides of the print head touch group at the same time, until a click is heard. 3. Connect the printer, connect the power cord, USB printing line, open the power switch, into the CD to install the driver. 4. Driver installation put the disc in the drive, automatic playback will appear as shown, some GO, choose the product in the bar code printer driver download, appear & quot; Found a new hardware & quot; When prompted, choose to accept, in the next step. Specify the SEAGULL driver installation directory, click, complete. Select install printer drivers, the next step selection model, select printer connections, the next step input printer name, choose not to share a printer, the next step. Tests showed the correctness of all data and complete.
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