Bar code printer and what is the difference between 200 dpi _ 300 dpi print equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-07-02
DPI is barcode printers print is calculate by pixel precision, points per inch. What is the difference between barcode printer 300 dpi and 200 dpi, is 300 dpi (300 dots per inch 11. At 8 o 'clock/mm) , 600 dpi (600 dots per inch 23. 6 / mm) 。 The higher the dpi value, print effect is fine. 200 dpi ( Point) . It indicates that the printing of each point is 1/200 of an inch or can print 200 points per inch, DPI value is lower, the effect of printing is not as good as high DPI print effect is good. All the barcode printers print effect contrast, 600 dpi than 300/200 dpi is clear. Clear and 300 dpi than 200 dpi. Is that: 600 ( 609). dpi> 300 ( 305). dpi> 200 ( 203). dpi。 The actual difference is: dpi printer resolution is different, points the higher the print is fine, the price will be slightly higher, according to the actual demand. If you are choosing a barcode printers don't know how to choose appropriate own points, consult our online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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