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by:Xprinter     2020-05-28
Summary introduction: only mastered the knowledge of bar code printers, can at the time of corresponding problems with the fastest speed to solve the problem, so as not to affect our work efficiency! Bar code printer is characterized by fast printing, can print special data ( PVC, etc. ) External cutter of function expansion, the price of

takeaway: only mastered the knowledge of bar code printers, can at the time of corresponding problems with the fastest speed to solve the problem, so as not to affect our work efficiency!

bar code printer is characterized by fast printing, can print special data ( PVC, etc. ) Can be an external cutter and function extension, it was a higher price than ordinary ink-jet printer, black printers to expensive, complicated in operation and maintenance, suitable for the need to a large number of production enterprise users to use label.

bar code printer profile

bar code printers, a special printer, print the contents of the general for the enterprise by the brand marks, serial number identification, packaging, bar code identification, envelopes, labels, clothing tag, etc. It has the following features:

1. Industrial-grade quality, not limited by perform, can print 24 hours;

2。 Printout without limit, can print PET bond paper, thermal paper sticker and synthetic materials such as PET, PVC and water to wash the cloth, etc. ;

3。 Using thermal transfer printing of text and graphics has scratch-resistant effect, the use of special carbon belt printing also can make the printing products are waterproof, anti-fouling, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and other characteristics;

4。 Printing speed, the fastest can be up to 10 inches ( 24 cm) Per second.

5。 You can print the serial number of the continuous, connect to the database to print;

6。 Label paper is several hundred meters long, generally can reach thousands to tens of thousands of small label. Label printer for printing, and easy to maintain and finishing.

7。 Not restricted by working environment;

8。 The longest single tag can be reached more than 120 cm.

barcode printers use place

bar code printer is suitable for use in the place where needs a large number of printing labels, especially the factories need to be in a short time a large number of print and need special labels ( Such as PVC materials, waterproof materials) Need to use namely ( If the ticket office, etc. ) Place, should choose the bar code printer. If you often print a label, or have special request for the label, please choose to use a barcode printer.

bar code printer cleaning

the print head is barcode printers all parts is very important in a local, just like the computer motherboard, TV picture tube, as a core component directly affects the print quality. Due to thermal or thermal transfer barcode bar code machine, the print head special vulnerability, if not more maintenance, it is easy to cause the print job is not normal. Most bar code printer adopts thermal printing and thermal transfer printing mode, both, compared to thermal printing on the wear and tear of the print head, pollution intensity is bigger.

after appendix | bar code printer buy need to know

although bar code printer has been widely used, but the real users understand the bar code printer is not much, so I will say this bar code printer, let everybody have a general solution for it.

bar code printers, also known as the label printers, a special kind of printer, you can print the non-drying label, PET label, tag, and other special material of washer wrinkle fabric printer. Has been widely applied in the production of all aspects of life, such as manufacturing, logistics, retail, railway, aviation, warehouse, etc. , has become now one of the indispensable important tool for enterprises. Here are several important parameters of bar code printers, we introduce them one by one.

1。 The print width. Said the machine can print by the maximum width, also represents the level of the machine, in general, printing width is 3 inches to 8 inches seven choice, printing width is the determinant of select printer, users should choose according to their own needs for their own printer.

2。 Printing precision. The higher the accuracy of the printer to print more clear, now the highest printing precision is 600 dpi, and 203 dpi or 300 dpi can meet the needs of industrial daily, users have no need to pursue high printing accuracy and spending too much money.

3。 The printing speed. Speed is biggest advantage of bar code printer for ordinary printer. Speed can reach 12 inches per second. For the same machine, the faster the speed, the lower the precision. So the user must modify the machine to achieve the perfect combination of speed and accuracy.

4。 Interface. General is parallel and serial interface specification for bar code printer accessories, in addition the user can also choose and buy flash CARDS and other peripherals.

5。 The other. To allow the printer to the user's requirements, various manufacturers have designed a lot of optional accessories: cutter, stripper, paper holder, etc. , the user can according to your own requirement and interesting to the choose and buy.

the warranty agreement is a guarantee to the user. Buy the machine at the same time, and suppliers to sign the warranty agreement is particularly important. With agreement of guarantee, you in repair time and repair effect and the price will have a certain guarantee. Above all, bar code printer belongs to a kind of industrial equipment, once appear, fault, will directly affect the production schedule. So when the choose and buy and use barcode machine must note: within the scope of accepting your economy, must find suppliers with strength and good reputation, do not affect the production in order to save money.

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