Bar code printer carbon with not recovery problems resolved? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-07-10
Bar code printer carbon with not recovery problems to solve, if the printer is suitable for thermal and thermal transfer mode, so there will be a problem at this time, the same bar code printer, as well as thermal printing label paper, copper paper to print stickers, also want to replace the barcode paper and carbon with back and forth, sometimes carbon recycling 粙 don't move, can't normal recycling waste carbon belt after use. Cause analysis: appear this kind of situation, must be the barcode printers use original way of thermal printer, and then put on coated paper label and carbon belt later, did not change as a way for thermal transfer printing mode, will lead to print the carbon with recycled shaft will not automatically recycling the waste carbon finished belt. Solution: as long as the bar code printer driver file, change the way to print by thermal to heat transfer mode, save parameter modification can solve the problem of bar code printer carbon with no recovery. In addition, the printer is not recycled carbon belt can also be no good, as long as the carbon shaft card brought into bayonet on the inside. Or restore barcode printer equipment factory Settings.
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