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by:Xprinter     2020-06-19
Commonly used here is a bar code printer written words to explain: 1, barcode bar code consists of a set of rules to arrange the article, empty and the corresponding characters of tags, used to represent certain information. 2 bar code system, barcode system by the symbol design, production and barcode scanning system composed of read. 3, reflectivity reflectance; The ratio of reflectivity reflected light intensity and the incident light intensity. 4, diffuse deffuse reflection cast in the light of rough surface reflection phenomenon in all directions. 5, mirror reflection specular reflection projected on the surface of the smooth, light reflection phenomenon in all directions. Article 6, the bar; 昏暗的酒吧; Black bar codes in the reflectivity lower part. 7, empty space; High reflectivity of light bar codes. 8, the initial start character; 开始密码; Start code several road bar code starting position is empty. 9, terminators stop character; 停止密码; Start code several road bar code position is empty. 10, blank area clear area; 安静的区域; 安静的区域; The clear zone barcode initializer, terminators on both ends of the lateral and empty reflectivity of the same finite area. 11, bar code bar code symbol including the blank area of the bar code. 12, character set character seet barcode symbols can represent a collection of letters, Numbers, and symbols. 13, middle separator central seperating barcode in the middle position of the character used to separate the data section of the article number and empty. 14, separating the separator characters in a coded character set, a separate role of special characters. 15, barcode bar code characters character represents a character or symbol of several and empty. 16, barcode character set the bar code character set some barcode can said collection of the characters. 17, bar code data bar code data character said specific information bar code characters. 18, barcode check bar code check character said check code bar code characters. 19, barcode filler bar code filler character does not represent a specific information of bar code characters. Article 20, unit element of a barcode character or empty. Article 21, the high bar height in vertical direction of the unit width height size. Article 22, wide bar width barcode character entries in the width of the size. 23, empty space wide width barcode empty width size of the characters. Article 24, wider than the bar width thewire bar code of the most wide and narrow strip width ratio. 25, empty than space wide width thewire barcode is one of the most wide and most are narrower than the width of the empty empty. 26, the size of the X X dimensionX narrow unit nominal size in bar code symbol. 27, the size of the Z Z dimensionZ bar code symbols in the actual size of narrow unit. 28, width than the width to narrow ratioN the average width of the wide and the sum of the average width of empty empty wide ( Counting the barcode character space) Divided by two times the size of Z. It is the width adjusting the coding method of technical parameters. Formula: N = ( The average width of the article wide average width + empty empty wide) / 2 z29, length of bar code, bar code length from barcode initializer front to termination the length of the trailing edge. 30, the length of the bar code bar code symbol length; Symbol length including the length of the blank to the barcode. Article 31, features than the aspect thewire bar code length and high ratio. 32, the density of barcode bar code density per unit length barcode bar code number of the characters. Note: usually expressed in the CPI, the internal energy per inch of bar code number of the characters. 33, barcode system - between characters Character of gap between adjacent barcode character does not represent specific information and empty the reflectivity of the same area. 34, module, the module module equipping coding method of the basic unit of the bar code characters. 35, protect casing bearer bar around the barcode and the article and the reflectivity of the same side or box. 36, continuous bar code continuos bar code without barcode character spacing. 37, non continuous barcode of discrete 'bar code with bar code character space. 38, two-way barcode bi - Directional bar code bar code symbol both ends can be used for barcode scanning starting point. Additional bar code 39, the add - Additional information on said of barcode. 40, parity odd - Even the check according to the number of 0 or 1 in the binary digital calibration method for the odd or even. 41, self checking barcode self - Checking the bar code barcode character itself which has the function of checking. 42, fixed-length barcode fixed length of bar code barcode a fixed number of characters. 43, non fixed-length barcode unfixed length of bar code barcode number of characters. 44, width adjustment coding method width encode bar code symbols of the article and empty composed of wide and narrow two kinds of unit barcode encoding method. 45, modules, equipping coding method module combination encode barcode symbols of characters by the provisions of the barcode encoding method composed of several modules. 46, binary code binary - 边, Code two unit width of the bar code is composed of two kinds of unit width of the bar code characters. 47, multiple code four - 边, Code of multiple unit width the width of the bar code by three or more units of bar code characters. 48, odd odd alignment permutation; Equipping odd parity module coding method, a barcode character contains a number of modules and for the arrangement of the odd number. 49 the even, even permutation; Even parity module equipping coding method, a barcode character contains a number of modules and arrange for an even number. 50 bar code, bar code logic type logic & # 118 alue in binary 1 s and 0 s said barcode expressions of the characters.
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